You can now apply to join the British Army from Ghana

The united Kingdom government has stated that it will now be possible to apply for enlistment into the British Army from Ghana.

This new rule will eradicate the former requirement of a 5-year UK residency before one can be eligible.

Reports indicate that the British Army has a shortage of 8,200 soldiers, sailors and air personnel.

This has led to the government to lift the cap on military recruitment and extend it to nationals within the Commonwealth.

It means Nationals from Ghana, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka and other Commonwealth nations can apply directly from their countries.

According to the Daily Telegraph, which first published details of the plans in Monday’s paper, the Air Force and Navy will begin recruiting immediately and the Army will open applications early next year.

Applications from citizens of countries outside the Commonwealth will not be accepted, the paper adds. Citizens of Ireland and also Gurkhas from Nepal can already join  because of special rules.

The five-year UK residency requirement  for Commonwealth recruits was first waived in 1998, before being reintroduced in 2013.