Yaks Roofing Systems Review 2023
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Yaks Roofing Systems Review

Yaks Roofing Systems Ltd is one of the roofing companies in Ghana with one of the highest rates of growth and has the potential to become the most successful business of its kind in the country.
The company has made investments in the infrastructure and personnel necessary to produce roofing sheets of high quality and durability, as well as the accessories for those sheets.
Aluminum and zinc are the primary components of our products. Within a relatively short period of time, the company has already provided services to thousands upon thousands of households.

Yaks Roofing Location

Yaks Roofing system can be found at Akyem Nsutam, which is in the Fanteakwa South District and has Osino as its capital. It is off the Accra – Kumasi Highway.

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Reach out to Yaks Roofing at

email: yaksroofingsystem@gmail.com
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