Work and Live in Canada Without A Work Permit 2023
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Work and Live in Canada Without A Work Permit


2. Foreign Affairs Officers

Foreign affairs and international relations officers are also able to travel to Canada without a permit to work when they have the position of an Ambassador Extraordinary’ or Minister Plenipotentiary’. This visa is granted to top performers, but there are few such individuals in Canada as a large number of people are employed with these visas each year.

3. News reporter

In Canada, journalists can work without a permit. If they are in a different country, they must an official press license to serve as proof of their work during the process of applying for a visa. The applicant must submit an official notification letter sent at least a week prior to their visit. Canadian Visa office at least one week prior to their arrival.

4. Public speaker

If you’ve been invited to be a speaker at a conference or lecturer, so long as the invitation is from an academic institution, college or professional association, or business, you are able to be employed on the mainland of Canada without a permit to work.

5. Expert investigator

If you’re hired by a company to research the issue and develop solutions, for example, how to improve the environmental quality and make it more sustainable economically You can then apply to work within Canada without a permit to work. You should be in contact with officials of the government during the course of your research.

6. Emergency service providers

Emergency service providers who help respond to disasters such as the occurrence of earthquakes and forest fires can be employed within Canada without a permit to work. It is also possible that local firefighters services, as well as emergency medical technicians, will come to Canada to assist in an emergency relief effort.

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7. Coach or Athlete

Canada cannot recognize foreign coaching licenses to become an athlete. You need to have a Canadian Minor Sports Coaching or Cheerleading Coaching Certificate in order to teach or coach youth and children recreational sports like curling, hockey, or football. This card is provided by the Canadian Ministry of Health and the Canadian Sport Institute are the bodies of government that issue this card.

8. Performing Artist

If you’re part of an ensemble of performers which is touring Canada and Canada, you don’t require a work permit. You can perform during your show. The band you perform with cannot be a cover band, only original music is permitted.

9. Foreign government official

If you’re an elected official of a foreign state and conducting the official side, or are an officially appointed representative from your country, you don’t require to have a Canadian worker’s permit. This permits you to travel around Canada without restriction and to attend conferences and meetings. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days you should you should apply for a temporary visa.

10. Civil aviation inspector

There is no need for authorization to supervise or to be an engineer in flight control of helicopters or airplanes in Canada. Your work visa is enough. Keep it with your person at all times when you are working in Canada. Keep your passport along with your visa to ensure you can ensure that Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be able to verify that you’re traveling around Canada.

11. Judge or referee

If you’re hired by an organization as an arbitrator, referee, or other you’re not required to have a work permit to stay or work within Canada for the length of the contract. You can apply for one if wish to stay longer than three months.


These are only a few possible jobs available in Canada you could perform without a permit. Always consult an immigration specialist prior to deciding to apply for a job in Canada to make sure that you’re able to work in Canada legally.



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