The Ghana flag’s meaning, Who designed Ghana flag And More

Who designed Ghana flag? Every country has its own flag, which represents it. Every flag has a meaning associated with it. Some are symbols of bravery, while others are symbols of freedom, and still, others are symbols of power.

It is essential to be familiar with the meaning of your country’s flag’s symbolism throughout history.

As a result, in this new series, we will take visitors to Trainingforms on a journey through certain historic events, people, and things that have played a role in the development of Ghana.

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What is the Ghana national flag?

Ghana’s national flag is comprised of a horizontal triband of three colors: red, gold, and green. It was created to serve as a replacement for the Blue Ensign of the Gold Coast colony.

The flag was flown until 1959, after which it was brought back into use in 1966. In it, the colors red, gold, and green are used in horizontal stripes to represent the Pan-African flag, with a black five-pointed star in the center of the gold stripe representing the African continent.

The Ghanaian flag was the second African flag to feature these colors, following the Ethiopian Empire’s flag, which was the first. The design of the flag was influenced by the design of the flag of Guinea-Bissau (1973).

Who designed Ghana Flag

Who Designed Ghana Flag
Who Designed Ghana Flag

Designated by the late Theodosia Okoh in 1957, the Ghanaian national flag consists of three horizontal bands of color: red, gold, and green, with a black five-pointed star in the center of the gold stripe. These colors are used for the second time in an African flag, the first being the flag of the Ethiopian Empire.

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The color red represents the blood of those who gave their lives in the struggle for independence from colonial masters Great Britain, while the blue represents the sea.

The gold also serves as a symbol of the country’s plentiful mineral resources. It is possible that you are aware that Ghana, after South Africa, is the country in Africa with the second largest gold reserves. It also has a significant amount of bauxite, which is used commercially.

As can be expected, the color green represents the lush forests and natural resources of the world. Granted, Ghana is a land of lush green vegetation and abundant natural resources, including timber, which has long been one of the country’s most important exports.

Finally, there is the black star. In Africa, the black star represents the emancipation of Africans from slavery. Ghana, as is well known, was the first African country to gain independence from the British Empire. It also required a symbol to serve as an inspiration to other African countries to join the fight for freedom; thus, the black star was born.

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More on Theodosia Okoh – The woman who designed the national flag

A renowned artist, Mrs. Theodosia Salome Abena Kumea Okoh was born on June 13, 1922, in Wenchi, in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, and was known for her artistic designs that have been displayed and competed in competitions throughout the world.

Artistically, she had used a variety of mediums and colors to create artworks such as paintings with oil and water colors, collages with feathers and corn stalks, and galleries that were displayed in a variety of local and international residences and businesses.

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She became a member of the Ghana Hockey Association (GHA) and serves in the capacities of chairperson and patron of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWA) (SWAG). Prior to the uprising in 1966, she was married to the late Mr. Enoch K Okoh, who served as secretary to Ghana’s Cabinet and as the country’s Chief of the Civil Service.

In 2002, when she was eighty years old, Theodosia published an autobiography, which she revised in her tenth year, and continued to do so until her death in 2015 at the age of ninety-three years. Her autobiography provides a detailed account of life in Ghana during the years leading up to, during, and after independence.

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