Which University accepts D7 for a degree program in Ghana?


Which University accepts D7 for a degree program in Ghana? To be accepted in a degree program in a Ghanaian university, the applicant must have an aggregate of 24 or better from 6 subjects.

Three core subjects and three electives. The electives comprise any of your best three and the core is English plus any other 2 core subjects.

If the subject you got the D7 is not required for the course you want to do then you can apply for it. But if the subject that you got the D7 is required for your cause then you might be in trouble.

In general, if your best 6 subjects do not exceed 24 then you can get admission to any university irrespective of D7.

Entry Requirements For Admission Into Any University In Ghana

Admissions Policy

The term Open University usually refers to a University with an open-door academic policy, i.e. no stringent entry requirements like the traditional Universities.

This fundamental open admissions policy makes university study accessible to all. The Admissions policy recognizes this philosophy of making University education open to all, irrespective of age, qualification or experience, except the demonstration of intellectual ability.

The concept seeks to provide opportunities, for workers, working mothers, those bringing up a family or those that do not want to give up their social life and people who otherwise will not have access to University education or those that qualify to enter straight but want to have flexibility in their studies to do so, provided they have an intellectual ability to swim through University education.

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The idea is to provide a system of open-supported education that provides the flexibility for participants to study effectively.

Admission Requirements – Level 100

1. West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) & Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Applicants

ii. WASSCE and SSSCE applicants must have at least credit passes (i.e. grade A1-C6 and grade A-D respectively) in three core subjects including English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated    Science/Social Studies in addition to any three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 24 for SSCE and 36 for WASSCE or better.

iii. All other prospective applicants with any previous academic results who do not fully meet the requirement in 1(i) would be required to pass the entrance examination for admission      and in addition write an essay between 300-400 words

Mature Students Admission

Applicants without the requisite requirements who are 25 years and above with at least 2years work experience may be considered as matured students and shall be required to write Laweh Entrance Examination.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is a system of formally recognizing skills and knowledge that has been acquired from informal learning and includes skills and knowledge from:

• Life Experience

• Work Experience

• Training Courses or Programmes

Recognition of Prior Learning shall be assessed through the Entrance Examination and any of the following supporting documents

• Letters and references including confirmation from employers, clients, or community groups

• Reference relating to paid or unpaid work experience

• Samples of work including reports, articles or publication

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Credit Transfers

Applicants with prior studies and knowledge acquired from recognized tertiary institutions may be considered for admission by transferring credits from their previous institution of study.

Applicants shall be required to show proof of certified copies of transcripts. Acceptable forms of senior high school certificate include either of the following:

i. Official Senior High School transcript showing the date of graduation

ii. Official documentation of having passed a State High School Equivalency examination


i. Admissions would not be given to applicants who fail to pass the entrance examination, and or fail to submit transcripts or other results slips where applicable.

ii. If an applicant is from a country where English is not the official language, prospective applicants may be required to take a certificated English Language bridging course offered.

Which University accepts D7 for a degree program in Ghana?


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