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What things should you know before you go to college/university


What things should you know before you go to college/university

Applying to university /college is one of the most important decision on one’s life. It involves emotions and aspiration of parents, thoughts and ideas of students and the potential merits or challenges shared by friends. It is one of those decision which has a lasting impact on one’s life and careers.

There are multiple factors which are important and here is a quick guide of things one needs to look at while applying to any university or college as an international or regular student. This post is really handy and informative to make the most informed decisions.

  1. Look through the programmes you are interested in the school website. Get all the information that you need (what the curriculum is like, campus life). Choose a programme that you are passionate about and a university that you feel will fit your personality.
  2. Look at the tuition fees. Discuss with your parents. Have financial difficulties? See if the school offers financial assistance to deserving students. You can also take a gap year to get a job and save a bit of money (it may not be enough but at least it’s a start) and explore other opportunities. You may just stumble upon something you love and change your mind on the programme you intend to take. There’s no rush.
  3. Have a rough estimate of how much money you will need a year for hostel fees, food, other miscellaneous stuff and books.
  4. Go to the open houses of the universities you are interested in to get a feel of what life there will be like. Look at their libraries, classrooms and hostels and facilities they provide. Ask students and lecturers in the programme you are interested in about what the assignments and lessons will be like.
  5. Decide with family if that university is to your liking. Plan your finances, university is very expensive and a lifetime investment.
  6. Always research, ask questions and be prepared
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