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What Are The Departments In Ghana Police Service?


What Are The Departments In Ghana Police Service? The Ghana Police Service is comprised of a wide variety of sub-units and divisions. The departments are components of the overall formation of the police force. Although the missions of the various departments are distinct, ensuring national security is a shared responsibility among them all.


  • Criminal Investigation Department [CID]
  • Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate [MTTD]
  • Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit [DOVVSU]
  • The Police College
  • Other Training Institutions
  • Works & Housing Department
  • Public Relations Department
  • Medical – Hospital
  • Marine Ports & Railways
  • Community Policing

What are the duties of the Ghana Police Service?

The Ghana Police Service is a component of the Ghanaian government responsible for keeping law and order in the country

How to join Ghana Police Service

Candidates who are interested in applying for this position should obtain an application form from any of the numerous Regional and District EMS Offices that can be found across the country, fill it out, and then send it to the address that is listed below using the EMS system.

At the EMS Offices, you will be required to make a payment for the application.

Everyone who was previously considered for the position must now reapply, provide evidence that they have already paid, and pay the remaining balance.

The Director-General/HRD
Ghana Police Service
Police Headquarters
P O Box GP 116

For more information, see the Ghana Police Service website

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