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University of Michigan Chemical and Civil Engineering Scholarship

In the University of Michigan, all new Civil Engineering undergraduates and Chemical Engineering Students, including transfer students, are considered for merit-based scholarships once they’ve been admitted to the University. The university is popularly known to have eleven top-ranked Engineering departments.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Students must provide evidence of financial need
  • Undergraduate students must intend to study Civil and Environmental Engineering, or Chemical Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering students enrolled in a SUGS program

Key Facts about the Chemical and Civil Engineering Scholarships

As undergraduate students, both Julius and Zelda were privileged to receive scholarships at the University of Michigan (U-M.) Julius studied Civil Engineering according to (U-M) records while Zelda is assumed to have majored in Education (language specifically) for her to be able to teach Latin and French after their marriage.

In the words of David Bartus, their son, he said “My parents’ lives were changed by what the University opened up to them,” Hence, The Julius F. Bartus Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Chemical and Civil Engineering could be regarded as a gift that “reflects the support they received as students and the affection they both had for Michigan” as rightfully stated by the University of Michigan.

How to Apply: Applicants should complete the online application forms. For further details, Interested applicants should visit the institutions official website or use the administrative contact details provided below.

Application Contacts: 

Undergraduate Contacts:Graduate Contact:
Taryn Colangelo
Director of Scholarships
Email: coe.scholarships@umich.edu
(734) 647-7113
143 Chrysler Center.

Kayley Hager
Scholarship Coordinator
Email: coe.scholarships@umich.edu
(734) 647-5526
143 Chrysler Center.
Tiffany Porties
Assistant Director for Graduate Education
Email: stonestr@umich.edu
(734) 647-0599
145 E Chrysler Center

Whether you are interested in undergraduates studies, Masters or Doctorate degree,  get started with your scholarship application.

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