UEW Admission into Sandwich Undergraduate Programmes 2020/2021

UEW Admission into Sandwich Undergraduate Programmes 2020/2021

Applications are invited from qualified applicants for admission into various UEW programmes for the 2020/2021 and 2019/2020 Academic Years

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Winneba Campus


  1. Post-Diploma Guidance & Counselling
  2. Post-Diploma Early Childhood Education
  3. Post-Diploma Basic Education
  4. Post Diploma Special Needs Education

5 .Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development

  1. Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development (Preschool)
  2. Certificate in Sign Language [/expand]


  1. Diploma in French Education
  2. Certificate in French [/expand]

[expand title=”SCHOOL OF CREATIVE ARTS”]

  1. Post-Diploma in Art Education
  2. Post-Diploma in Graphic Design
  3. Diploma in Art Education
  4. Diploma in Graphic Design [/expand]


  1. Post-Diploma in Health Administration and Education (Nursing) [/expand]


Kumasi Campus


  1. Diploma in Education
  2. Diploma in Education(Competency-Based Training) [/expand]


  1. B. Sc. Mechanical Technology Education
  2. B.Sc. Automotive Technology Education
  3. B. Sc. Wood Technology Education
  4. B. Sc. Construction Technology Education
  5. B. Sc. Electricals and Electronics Technology Education
  6. Post Diploma Mechanical Technology Education
  7. Post Diploma Automotive Technology Education
  8. Post Diploma Wood Technology Education
  9. Post Diploma Construction Technology Education
  10. Post Diploma Electricals and Electronics Technology Education [/expand]


  1. B. Sc. Fashion Design & Textiles Education
  2. B. Sc. Catering & Hospitality Education
  3. Post Diploma in B.Sc. Fashion Design &Textiles Education
  4. Post Diploma in B.Sc. Catering and Hospitality [/expand]
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Asante-Mampong Campus


  1. B. Sc. Environmental Health & Sanitation Education (Top Up)
  2. Diploma in Environmental Health and Sanitation Education [/expand]


  1. Diploma in Education [/expand]




  1. Senior High School (SHS) Certificate Holders
  2. Must have at least, six (6) WASSCE credit passes (A1-C6) including three (3) Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies, as well as
  3. Three (3) Electives in relevant subjects with the total aggregate of 36 or better.

iii. Must also satisfy Special Programme requirement(s) for programme(s) chosen.


  1. School Certificate/GCE Holders
  2. Five (5) credits at GCE “O” Level, including English Language and Mathematics as well as
  3. Two (2) “A” Level passes other than General Paper in relevant subjects

Post Diploma Programmes:

  1. Must possess a Higher National Diploma or its equivalence from relevant field or area of study.
  2. Holders of Colleges of Education Diploma qualified to apply.

iii. Holders of Recognized University Diploma qualifications qualified to apply.


 DIPLOMA Programmes:

  1. WASSCE Entry Requirement

i.) Six passes (A1 – D7) in all subjects, including English Language and Mathematics; and

  1. ii) Must possess a minimum of C6 in any three (3) of the passes relevant to the area of specialization.


  1. SSSCE Entry Requirement
  2. i) Six passes (A-D) in all subjects, including English Language and Mathematics; and
  3. ii) At least three (3) of the passes must be relevant to the area of specialization.


3.Holders of the Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development can apply for diploma programmes.

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Mature Applicants

  1. Must be at least, 25 years by September 1, 2020.
  2. Should have at least ONE of the following a GCE/SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate/ DBS or RSA certificates, Motor Vehicle Technician Part II, Mechanical Technician Part II, Advanced City and Guilds Certificate in Automotive or Mechanical Engineering, Teachers’ Diploma A (Technical Option), National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX) Certificate with credit passes in SIX (6) subjects comprising THREE (3) core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science) and THREE (3) elective subjects in relevant area.


Diploma in Education (Competency-Based Training)

Applicants must hold one of the following:

  1. A University degree, Higher National Diploma or a National Certificate II on the NTVETQF
  2. City and Guilds Advanced Certificate/Part III in a trade area.

iii. A minimum of three passes in Royal Society of Arts/Ghana Commercial Examinations Stage III in approved business subjects with at least two(2) years working experience

  1. A certificate from a Farm Institute with at least two (2) years working experience.


Please Note the following:

  1. All mature applicants must pass an entrance examination comprising a Subject Area Test (SAT) and a General Aptitude Test (GAT)



  1. Obtain an Application Voucher from the following Sales Points:
  2. a) Ghana Post Offices
  3. b) UEW Campuses Cash Office
  4. Visit the University’s website at www.uew.edu.gh. Click on Admissions, and select Apply Online >>>. Log in with your Voucher Serial Number and PIN, fill an appropriate application form and submit online.


Cost of Online Application Forms (Bachelor’s degree and Diploma programmes)

Direct Applicants – GH¢200.00

Mature Applicants – GH¢300.00

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All Post-Diploma Applicants – GH¢200.00

International Applicants – $100.00



  1. Fee-paying facility is available to applicants who do not meet the competitive selection cut-offs but satisfy the minimum university requirements.
  2. Submitting an application with supporting documents is the first step in the selection process. Applicants are entreated to study the admissions brochure carefully before completing an application.
  3. All certificates and results other than those from the West African Examinations Council, the Universities and Polytechnics in Ghana and institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board should be cleared with the National Accreditation Board and the evaluation report submitted to the University. You can call 0302-518630, 286013/14, 518570 for assistance


Closing Date for Submission of Application Forms

Direct Applicants: 4th July, 2020

Mature Applicants: 29th May, 2020

Post-Diploma Applicants: 4th July, 2020



  1. a) Subject Area Test for Special Education candidates only (SAT)

Thursday, June 4, 2020 (Paper starts at 3:00 p. m.)

  1. b) Subject Area Test for all Mature Candidates including Special Education Candidates

Friday, June 5, 2020 (Paper starts at 8:00 a. m.)

  1. c) General Aptitude Test for all Mature Candidates.

Saturday, June 6, 2020 (Paper starts at 8:00)


Signed: Registrar                      January, 2020

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