Tshwane University of Technology TUT Late Application

Tshwane University of Technology TUT Late Application

Tshwane University of Technology TUT Late Application

When a university deadline closes, it is a challenging and difficult moment for the student. Have you wondered what causes the delay? Mostly, TUT late application occurs due to heavy traffic on the website causing disruptions.

TUT or Tshwane University of Technology is an institution that was established through a merger of 3 technikons namely, Technikon North-West, Technikon Pretoria and Technikon Northern Gauteng. It caters for about 60,000 students making it one of the largest residential institution of higher learning in South Africa.

What is a late application?

This basically refers to any requests for admission after the deadline. The bright side is that most universities have provisions for late application, thanks to the online application window. However, these students are limited in terms of open programs, courses, and centers.

Students who fail to apply in good time are encouraged to access the internet to connect to the institutions and search for open applications. Late submissions are, however, not very good because you do it at a time when your choices are minimal, and in most instances, it costs more.

Does TUT accept late applications?

TUT late application depends on the advertised available spaces over the website, on the traditional and social media. Therefore, a late student must be on the lookout for the advertised programs and courses in any of the platforms, as mentioned earlier.

TUT late online application can be such a struggle. On average, the University receives over 100,000 student requests, but it is capable of accommodating only 15,000 for each academic year. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply earlier to avoid inconveniences.

The good news is, TUT as an organization is very well organized. A day after the deadline, the students are required to search for the programmes and courses that are still available. TUT registration is limited for each academic year to ensure the university continues to offer quality services relative to the available resources.

Is it easy to process the late application at TUT?

Yes. The university attaches an ‘Add’ button on the available courses and programs to ease the process. However, a student who applies earlier gets access to the most preferred programs and courses. Every request is processed, but one’s success largely depends on the available time and resources to avoid interference with the ongoing enrolled team.

What are the chances?

TUT registration is fair and accessible to all irrespective of the origin. Therefore, all late submissions have an equal opportunity depending on the time and nature of the program selected.

The late application can also take place for the students who have already applied that wish to add new courses. Under such circumstances, new courses are treated as late applications and one’s success here depends on their (courses) availability at the preferred center. It is, therefore, important to revise all the courses and programs before applying.

How do I know if I got accepted at TUT?

A student wishing to delete their application can deny the offer, and automatically the University will receive the declining alert. Accordingly, the TUT registration department will consult with the student to investigate the reason for declining after which the opportunity can be offered to another potential applicant. However, all successful individuals are usually notified through the TUT website using the same account they registered with. In some cases, the university directly contacts the students to confirm their successful application.

TUT Registration

Late registration follows the same process as the on-time registration. Those applying can check re-advertised open spaces that are available through the website. You can also apply through the Central Application Clearing House (CACH) available at cach.dhet@gov.za.

TUT online application is more preferred to allow more room for students in the disadvantaged and remote areas. Such students only need to visit a cyber café to have their registration, which is cost effective and more convenient.

TUT registration fees start with an application fee of R240 that is attached with the application form. This fee caters for the administrative costs incurred in the application processing period. Keep in mind that the fee is non-refundable whether the application was successful or not. TUT registration fee is processed through the postal order, electronic transfer, or by direct bank transfer.

Application using the bank deposit should use the following account details:

  • Bank Name: ABSA
  • Account Number: 04 000 0003
  • Reference number: it is the applicant ID number processed during the registration

The applicant should send the application form attached with the proof of their registration fee. For all the applications, a deposit of R500 is required upon the receipt of the acceptance letter.

Note, though, that the prospective students may receive a refund in case their request was rejected following noncompliance issues such as not having attained the expected pass mark.

The TUT application fee is universal to all international and national applications and it is mandatory for the international students to attach.

  • A copy of a valid study visa
  • South African Medical aid cover
  • A certificate showing their English proficiency

The Nine campuses

Late applications at TUT are limited to the available programmes and courses after the initial registration process.

So far, you may be curious to know what are the available courses at TUT. Well, there are many, and every course has its level that depends on the nature of the education program for the applicants. Whether you are a late applicant or not, you must meet the minimum qualification for each course.

TUT university is strict on the cutoffs, and this aims at producing the best graduates in South Africa and abroad. The nine campuses which offer seven faculties are:

  1. Shoshanguve South campus
  2. Shoshanguve north campus
  3. Mbombela campus
  4. Polokwane campus
  5. Ga-Rankuwa campus
  6. eMalahleni campus
  7. Art campus
  8. Pretoria campus
  9. Arcadia campus

Follow this link for more info on the campuses.

TUT online application closing date is on January for yearlong applicants. If you are looking for semester courses twice a year, the application closes in July and January. Trimester learners have August/September, April/May, and January applications.

As a leading university, the size and scope of the programs are comprehensive to cover for the late applicants. TUT late application is always open for all the students irrespective of their origin, and it is committed to offering education with a robust entrepreneurial appeal that positions the students to be world entrepreneurs through programs that stimulate innovation and creativity.


Application Information

​Prospective students may apply online or complete an Application for Admission form and post it to:

Tshwane University of Technology

Private Bag X680

Pretoria 0001

Address for hand-deliveries and applications in person. All hand-delivered applications and applications submitted in person should be submitted to:

Central Admissions Office

Building 21-LG20

Pretoria Campus

Staatsartillerie Road

Pretoria West

Applications for the following campuses should also be posted to or submitted at the above addresses:

Pretoria Campus

Arcadia Campus

Arts Campus

Ga-Rankuwa Campus and

Soshanguve North and South Campus

Applications for the distant campuses should be posted or submitted as follows:​

Posted applications to:

The Campus Director

Private Bag X9496



Hand-delivered applications and applications submitted in person:

Cor. Market and Excelsior Streets


Tel: 015 287 0700

Fax: 015 297 7609

Posted applications to:

The Campus Director

Private Bag X11312



Hand-delivered applications and applications submitted in person:

Madiba Drive


Tel: 013 745 3500/3603

Fax: 013 745 3512

​Posted applications to:

The Campus Director

Private Bag X3211



Hand-delivered applications and applications submitted in person:

19 OR Tambo Road


Tel: 013 653 3100

Fax: 013 653 3101

  • ​​A fully completed application form and recently certified (certification may not be not older than one year) copies of your original identity document and (National) Senior Certificate and/or highest academic results, as well as the administration fee, must reach TUT before the specified closing dates.​​
  • Late applications will be considered only if there is space available in the programmes concerned. TUT can accommodate only a limited number of students per programme.​


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