The University of Houston Scholarships

The University of Houston – Victoria is offering the International Student Merit Scholarship to incoming/currrent undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters) students of international visa status

About the Award:All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the International Merit Scholarship. The award is a $1000 award for the academic year (fall, spring and summer), if the recipient is a spring semester recipient, the award is for spring and summer only.

The scholarship will reduce the student’s tuition and fees by $500 every fall, spring and summer.

For international students on F-1 and J-1 visa the scholarship will reflect the residency tuition rate. The award only applies to tuition and fees. All other costs such as housing, meals, transportation, personal expenses, books, supplies, and health insurance are not included in this scholarship. The scholarship award can only be used to study at UHV. The awards and waivers are available for fall recipients for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and for spring recipients this scholarship and waivers will be awarded for spring and summer semesters for undergraduate and graduate full-time study at UHV

How to Apply for UHV Scholarships

To be considered for scholarships, a student must complete the following steps:

1.  Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Department of Education annually at only if you want to be considered for scholarships requiring the student to show documented financial need.

2.  Complete and electronically submit a UHV Scholarship Application to be considered for select scholarships.

Required documentation for your file should be completed by the priority deadline to ensure award determination by the appropriate term.  Applications completed after the dates listed below will be processed on a “first completed, first awarded” basis.  If the priority deadline is not met, other arrangements must be made for the payment of your initial fees.  To view payment options offered visit Student Billing, select payment options, then select Payment Plans.

Step 2 – Check Your UHV Email and MyUHV Financial Aid Links

All financial aid notifications are sent to the student’s UHV email account. Keep checking your financial aid application status periodically on myUHV. After the financial aid staff reviews the submitted paperwork, additional forms and documents may be requested. The requested documents will be listed on the To Do List in myUHV.

Step 3 – Submit All Forms Listed on Your To Do List

Log into myUHV. Click on the following links: UHV Self-Service > Financial Aid > To Do List. Click on the document’s name to find out more details about the requested document and where you can go to find the form. Financial aid will not be awarded until all requested documents are submitted and processed.

Step 4 – Review and Submit Optional Forms

  1. Students selected for verification need to submit the following paperwork within 45 days after the required documentation is requested or the last class day of the term, whichever is first:
    • Students may need to request a free copy of their federal tax return transcript from the IRS website.  If the student is classified as a dependent student, UHV will request a copy of the parent’s tax return transcript.  If the student is married, the student will need to submit a copy of the spouse’s tax return transcript.  If no tax returns were submitted to the IRS, a Statement of Non-Filing Form will need to be submitted. When requesting a tax transcript, students will need the Social Security Number of the taxpayer, date of birth, street address and postal code listed on the latest tax return, a personal account number, and a mobile phone number.
    • The requested *Dependent or Independent V1, V4, or V5 Verification Worksheet must be submitted.
    • Students may be selected for verification by the Department of Education or UHV when a reason to believe errors may have been made when the student completed the FAFSA. A comparison of the tax documents to the FAFSA data is conducted. Discrepancies will be corrected on the FAFSA. The verification process could take up to three weeks when corrections are necessary.
  2. If you are classified as a Post Baccalaureate Student, complete and submit the *Post Baccalaureate Certification Form.
  3. Students who co-enroll can complete the *Consortium Agreement Form and provide a copy of the Paid Fee Receipt and Class Schedule from the other school. The student’s financial aid package can then be awarded based on the transferable hours and UHV hours. For more details, review the Consortium Agreement web page.
  4. Review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and the Return of Title IV Funds Policy.
  5. All *Financial Aid forms must be on file and reflect correct information no later than the last class day of the term for which you are applying. You cannot receive payment if you are not currently enrolled.

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