The Ghana Health Service Application Requirements For Entry Into TEPA MIDWIFERY AND HEALTH ASSISTANTS TRAINING Accompanying It This Year. There Has Been A Significant Change. Instructions For Applications Into TEPA MIDWIFERY AND HEALTH ASSISTANTS TRAININGInstitutions

Applicant must:

  1. Purchase application code from any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)orGhanaCommercialBank(GCB) branch at a cost of One Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢100.00). (This includes the cost of verification of results, SMS alerts and all other correspondence).

NB: No postage envelopes are required as all correspondence will be via SMS or E-mail. Applicant must, therefore, have a dedicated phone number and an e-mail address.

  1. Upon payment, the applicant will receive a voucher containing a unique PIN and a Serial number.
  2. Access the application form online at https://healthtraining.gov.gh
  3. Use your PIN code to log into and gain access to the application form to be filled.
  4. Key in your Pin and serial number purchased from the Bank. Note that, the online registration form is accessible only by the PIN and the Serial number.
  5. Follow the instructions carefully and fill the relevant stages of the admission process once the online application form is opened. Save the first page filled before continuing to the next page.
  6. The applicant’s unique ID (reference number) will be shown on the printed form.
  7. You will use this reference number to track the status of the admission process- whether qualified or not, an invitation for the interview, offer of admission, etc.
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NB: Any wrongful data entry (e.g. grades, etc.) detected on the completed form automatically disqualifies the applicant. An applicant must, therefore, give the exact grade as seen on his/her examination results sheet obtained from WAEC as well as his/her personal data.

Only Applicants who meet admission requirements will be invited to attend a competitive interview at the school of choice.

Take your time to fill all the relevant portions of the form, including uploading of your photograph.

Print completed form and keep it (would be demanded during the interview)

The information provided here could also be accessed on the Ministry of Health website www.moh.gov.gh




AUXILIARY PROGRAMMES (Certificate Courses)

  1. Nurse Assistant Preventive (NAP) formerly Community Health Nursing (CHN)
  2. Health Assistant Clinical (NAC)

Table (1): Requirements for Auxiliary Programmes

Age 16 – 35 years
Overall Aggregate A cut off aggregate score of Forty-Eight (48) or better in six subjects, comprising 3core and 3 elective subjects. A cutoff aggregate score of Thirty (30) or better in six subjects, comprising 3 coreand 3 elective subjects.
Core Subjects and Minimum Grades AT LEAST credits (A1-E8) in three core subjects. e.g.English, Mathematics andIntegrated Science. AT LEAST Passes (A-E) in three core subjectsi.e. English, Mathematicsand Integrated Science.
Elective Subjects andMinimum Grades AT LEAST passes (A1-E8) inthree Elective subjects AT LEAST passes (A-E) inthree Elective subjects

Diploma Programmes

  1. Registered General Nursing (RGN)
  2. Registered Mental Nursing (RMN)
  3. Registered Midwifery (RM) Females only
  4. Registered Community Health Nursing (RCN)
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Table 2: Requirements for Basic Nursing Programmes

Age 16 – 35 years
Overall Aggregate An aggregate score of thirty –Six (36) or betterin six subjects, comprising 3 core and 3 elective subjects. An aggregate score of Twenty-four (24) or better in six subjects, comprising 3core and 3 elective subjects.
  Core Subjects and Minimum Grades Credits (A1 – C6) in three Core Subjects i.e. English, Mathematics and Integrated Science. Credits (A- D) in three Core Subjects i.e. English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades Credits (A1 – C6) in three Elective Subjects. Credits (A – D) in three Electives Subjects.

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