TeachThought Accepting Applications For Contributing Writers

TeachThought Accepting Applications For Contributing Writers


by Terry Heick

General Summary

Have experience or ideas you’d like to share with your peers? Educators with specific experience or expertise can now submit articles for publication on TeachThought.com.

This is a non-exclusive contract position. You will be paid a fee for each article approved, but this is not ‘lucrative’ by any means. The goal of the ideal candidate would be to contribute to their voice to the conversation around the growth of innovative educators, while also broadening their expertise, expanding their professional learning network, contributing to their own portfolio, and bolstering their resume in the process.

Contractor Position Description

Create original content (primarily articles, essays, research summaries, quick videos, webinars, etc.) for publication on TeachThought.com and our social channels, newsletters, podcasts, and related platforms.

What You’ll Receive

1. The ability to grow as an educator by exploring new topics, projects, and ideas.

2. A stipend for all published content (amount depends on content, starting at $50).

3. A dedicated author’s page on TeachThought.com after you’ve published eight (8) articles, complete with relevant social media info, etc. This page will remain until you’ve stopped producing at least one article every eight (8) weeks.

What You Don’t Need

1. A Ph.D., fancy title, or niche certification. These are all great and would be useful, but there aren’t absolutely necessary.

2. To think of yourself as a ‘writer.’ You only need to be able to provide ideas and resources that help teachers grow. That’s it. These aren’t books, but quick snippets of things that 21st century teachers find useful.

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3. A lot of extra time. 2-4 hours a month should be plenty to do at least one article. If you want to do more, you can, but it’s not required.

What You Do Need

1. A background in education of some kind + ‘something to say’ (see #2 above)

2. An enthusiasm for learning and a growth mindset for what you do

3. Be almost completely self-managed. We’ll provide topics and ideas and formats and other necessary info, but the rest will be on you to deliver. This is a contracted rather than ‘employed position.

4. The ability to create progressive content for progressive educators that is compelling, useful, and free from plagiarism, errors, and other things that make content—well, bad.

Other Details

We will also provide feedback, and revisions may be necessary.

There are no guarantees that articles will be published. Only approved content will be published, and the author will obviously only be reimbursed their stipend for published content.

All material will be TeachThought-owned intellectual properly, but may be used elsewhere on a case-by-case basis with our approval. (There are also no guarantees here—it just depends.)

The ability to do formal research, light graphic design, video editing, social media work, and other skills would widen your available tasks if interested, but is not required.

No promotion of individual platforms, apps, tools, organizations, etc., is appropriate unless it is ‘teacher-centered’ and entirely organic/unprompted.

How To Apply

Email Terry Heick with the following info:

Your name and contact info

One sample of writing (ideally about education content)

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Current positions held elsewhere (if any)

What you’re passionate about: Critical thinking, inquiry, PBL, Google Classroom, technology, assessment, etc.

Anything else I need to know

I’ll review your submission, and contact you if I need further information.

TeachThought Accepting Applications For Contributing Writers


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