In South Africa, how much do police officers get paid per year?

How much is South Africa police salary per month and annual? There has never been a time when the salaries of workers in South Africa have remained the same; for example, there have been major variations in the salary of police officers in South Africa over time and even today.

What is the pay scale for police officers in South Africa?

In this post, we took the effort to do research and provide you with the most up-to-date information on the amount of money that South African police officers are paid.

In general, the police play a vital role in the development of South Africa, and as a result, they must be compensated adequately for their services.

Police officers with only the most basic qualifications and experience earn the least amount of money, whilst officers with greater qualifications earn more than their counterparts.

  1. Again, police salaries in South Africa may differ depending on the institution in which you work; certain organizations may even include additional incentive packages in their salaries to encourage employees to perform more.

Salary of Police Officers in South Africa

In general, a teacher in South Africa receives R31510 gross every month, for a total annual salary of R558060. This does not include any allowances or other additional benefits they may be entitled to.

More information on police pay in South Africa can be found in the table below.

R41510 each month, or R558060 per year, for the duration of the salary month.


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