Snapchat Shares New Insights into How AR is Changing the Shopping Journey [Infographic]


While VR is the future, which will eventually facilitate the metaverse and more immersive digital experiences, AR is also playing an increasing role in advanced consumer connection, with a range of AR tools already transforming the eCommerce process, and providing new ways for customers to ‘try on’ products and get a better sense of what they’re buying online.

And with the development of AR glasses, that’s going to become more significant, providing entirely new opportunities for connecting people with digital information, amid their day-to-day process.

It’s worth considering the opportunities that AR will provide, which is the focus of this new infographic overview from Snap, which looks at the emerging role that AR is already playing in the shopping process.

As per Snap:

AR ads play a unique role in each phase of the purchase journey. Marketers shouldn’t think of AR as an add-on, but instead an always-on tool to build and amplify messaging.

There are some interesting examples and stats here – check out the full infographic below, while you can also learn more about AR development via Snap’s Lens Studio tools.

Snapchat AR shopping infographic

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