Simbi Launches Latest Line of Hair Accessories



Simbi, a female-founded fashion accessory brand with a mission of improving lives in Haiti, recently released its latest line of accessories for hair. The Swimbi Scrunchies collection is lightweight, non-bulky, and sewn out of quick-dry swimwear fabric. The newest product is a sleek version of a retro trend to serve as an essential accessory for summer, keeping hair in place for sports, swimming, hitting the beach or styling hair buns. Each Simbi product sold enables positive change for Haiti through clean water, job creation and business opportunities for its local partners.

Each Swimbi Scrunchie is crafted from a quick-drying material to produce less friction on damp hair by design. It dries eight times faster than a traditional cotton scrunchie. Because they are made from swimsuit fabric, they are resistant to shrinking and chlorine. Crafted to be the same size as a hair-tie bracelet, Swimbi Scrunchies will not bend, break, rip or crease hair.

The individual scrunchies are priced at $6 each. They are available in many colors with patterns, including Solid Gold, Farrah Yellow, Disco Purple, Fantasy Island, Jordache Blue, Hot Pants Pink, Tie Dye and Fiorucci Floral. Additionally, three-piece sets are available for $18 each, called Strawberry Fields, Tribe Vibe, Coral Reef, Indigo and Preppy Kelly.

“Our original Swimbi Scrunchie is perfect for a day at the beach, a long run, or a soak in the tub,” Birgit Grossmann Coles says, co-founder of Simbi. “They are all hand-sewn, made from quick-dry swimwear fabric, and have a retro feel from the 60s combined with a colorful splash of the 80s.”

Simbi’s best-selling Inspiration Charm Bracelets have put the socially conscious, eco-friendly company on the map with expanded product offerings, including bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, and more. Relying solely on solar-powered energy provided by NRG, Simbi’s manufacturing facility in Haiti has a zero-carbon footprint. The company uses organic, biodegradable products and follows a philosophy of up-cycling. This process aligns with Simbi’s commitment to corporate social responsibility efforts that support charitable and environmentally conscious organizations.

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Every Simbi product sold provides funding to purify at least one gallon of water daily. Through its affiliation with Dlohaiti’s Watering Minds, a for-profit venture providing safe drinking water to underserved areas of Haiti through a decentralized water purification and distribution model, Simbi can bring awareness and give back to the local community. As part of its mission to improve lives, Simbi aligns its product development and operations with universal human rights, labor and environmental justice principles and takes actions that advance societal goals.

Simbi’s products may be found on, Amazon, EVEREVE and approximately 1,000 retailers nationwide.

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