School of Hygiene students cry out on Outrageous fees increment

School of Hygiene students cry out on Outrageous fees increment

Every school under Ministry of Health (MOH) gets month-to-month allowance but it seems School of Hygiene is left out. We have only three School of hygiene’s in Ghana which are Ho School of Hygiene, Tamale School of Hygiene and Accra School of Hygiene and students who graduates from these colleges comes backs into our various communities and educate us on sanitary and environmental health prevention which is also part of health and under the ministry of health but it seems worried to the students that all the health institutions are considered with allowances and they are left out. The question now on board is that are they not offering the same courses as the nurses or are they not part of the health collages?

 The only difference between the Environmental Health Officers and Nurses are the Nurses are known as the curative aspect of health and the Environmental Health officers are known as the preventive aspect of health. 

But here comes the issue that all health collages receive allowance whiles hygiene students whom the ministry of health claim they are under them are left battling to receive theirs but tears of the students are in vain and the news these students receives from the ministry of health is that their name was not added to the list when the government restored the allowance and now has been added to the list of those who receives the allowance but nothing seems to change.

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School of Hygiene
School of Hygiene

The fees paid by these same students is more than the fees paid by some nursing students, there is a huge difference in their admission fee. Admission fee paid by 2018 students who got admission into this training institution was two thousand seven hundred and twenty-five Ghana cedis (GhC 2,725.00) for first year student for diploma. Certificate student also paid an amount of two thousand five hundred and twenty-five Ghana cedis (GhC 2,525.00), excluding their handout money. These fees are for only one semester. Their second semester fee was one thousands four hundred and ninety-five (certificate student). Diploma student paid an amount of one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. Let ask ourselves, with all these amount of money being paid by these student and the government is depriving them of their allowance, is it fair?

How can this student support themselves?

With the information at hand many of these students owe the school. How are they going to get the money to pay? The most painful aspect is they fees increases as the semester goes by. After completion of the school it also becomes difficult for these students to get posted. The student are being deprive of the nation’s cake. Ministries of health are being unfair to these students, School of hygiene students are pleading with the government to come to their aid and as sanitary issues is part of the major problems in Ghana. We need these students in our communities to eliminate the environmental problems facing the country as a whole.

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 Watch out for more news concerning our tertiaries.

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