Requirement for the British Army overseas recruitment

The requirement of new regular army personnel is subject to the Nationality Act 1981. the regulation demands that all potential candidates from Commonwealth nations have a 5-year UK residence, you must move out of the UK for a consecutive period of 180 days. Verification of a recruit’s UK Residency status and passport will be necessary.

The 5-year mandatory is controversial in its own right. The UK government waived the requirement in 1998 rescinded back to the earlier directive in 2013. The review of UK residency rules has been subject to change since then.

Even more controversial is the claimed waiver of the required 5-year residency by any Defence Minister Penny Mordaunt back in 2016. Although this order came fourth after consultation with the Home Office, it was seen as a remedy to address a shortfall in the number of soldiers. Unfortunately, the British Army still upholds to the earlier decree.

Before you even think of applying to join the Queen’s Army make sure you check tick on all requisites. You should be at least 16 years of age, and unless you are beyond 18 years, parental consent will be demanded. You also need proof of nationality to a Commonwealth country.

Project a good level of physical fitness with no injuries. Fitness will be critical during the assessment period and training as you might be required to lift heavy loads and run for a set of time to test your stamina. Check for detailed physical test below.

A candidate should be free from medical conditions that could cast a spell to their ability to train and carry out assigned duties. Kidney disease, blood disease, chronic eye disease, psychiatric problems, chest disorder to name a few may be an obstacle in joining the British Army. If in doubt of your illness, go through the long list of medical conditions as specified by the army.

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No education qualifications for candidates joining the regular army. On the other hand, applying for certain technical roles will invite an academic necessity.

Be clean of any criminal convictions. Nevertheless, you might be given a pass if you disclose past criminal offence or ongoing court appearance if the army found them as a non-obstacle to joining their ranks of disciplined forces.

Tattoos and piercings are allowed if they meet the set standards. Offensive or obscene tattoos especially if located on the head or face are not accepted. Flesh tunnel piercings that alter your appearance invite a loud no from the recruiters.

British Army recruitment process

The Royal army defines its recruitment process in four phases each with its stringent guidelines:

  1. Application process: The online-based process will prompt you to include your details including your nationality and age. This phase will mark the critical journey that defines your following job description in the Royal Army. Creation of a personal account with your e-mail address will get you started.

2. Briefing: Once approval of your application is through, you will be assigned to Candidate Support Manager (CSM) that offers a platform of communication with the recruiters plus a chance to follow the progress of your enlistment progress. Once the needed details are furnished and reviewed, an invite to a nearby career will follow. Getting a call from the career centre is common. Briefing on personal development in preparation for an assessment takes place.

If you applied to be a reservist, the briefing invite would award you a chance to interact with soldiers serving in your chosen unit. The team will take you through the assessment process before pick you to play a career role within the army.

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3. Assessment: The assessment takes two days within centres locates in the UK. The army will facilitate travel to the centre. Not only does interview give one a chance to learn more about the Royal Army, but a critical medical examination, literacy tests, physical tests and team tasks are scheduled to take place

Varying degrees of medical test are performed to validate your health status.Examinations on your vision, hearing and colour perception take place. A recruiter will also test the candidate’s Body Mass Index and Electrocardiogram (ECG). Soft contact lenses and hard lenses should be removed 48 hours and ten  days respectively before the day of assessment.

Three forms of mandatory physical fitness assessment are bound to commence, respect to the chosen role in the army. To go first is the requirement to lift power bag of different masses (15kg to 40kg) to a raised platform of 1.45 m. To follow this order to carry 20 litres full jerrycans for a 150 metres distance. To close the trials is the requirement an 800 m jogging exercise that extends to a timed run of 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long.

4. After assessment: A successful assessment will mark the fulfilment of all the background checks. It must be the most emotional moment for a candidate. The recruiter will present you with a job offer. You will be prompted to either accept or decline. Assuming you affirm by signing to the proposal, a request to start your initial training Phase 1) at a specified date will be issued.

If you meet all the stipulated provision for British Army recruitment, you can be sure to serve in one of the modern armies in the world. If the army doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try your luck at the Royal Airforce. However, the same requirements for Commonwealth citizens abound. The Royal Navy also offer similar opportunities to Commonwealth candidates who love the adventure and thrill of being on board naval ships and vessels.

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