Qatar World Cup 2022 Stadiums: Check These Magnificent Constructions!

Qatar World Cup 2022: Qatar was awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup back in December 2010, but many of us still don’t know much about the country or its plans to host the tournament.

In addition to building nine new stadiums and renovating three existing ones, Qatar has commissioned some pretty impressive architect-designed structures for the tournament. See them all here, in this World Cup stadiums guide!

The facts about the Qatari World Cup

The official name of Qatar’s campaign is The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, and it was awarded to them in 2010 by FIFA.

They are tasked with transforming a region into an international sports hub where top tournaments like The 2019 Asian Cup and The 2020 Women’s World Cup can be hosted.

In addition to these events, they are committed to revolutionizing infrastructure through brand new stadiums and transportation systems.

The committee has hired a consortium of well-known architects to design these colossal structures; world famous companies like Aecom, Foster + Partners, Populous, Zaha Hadid Architects have been selected as partners in their efforts.

The cost of hosting a World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil was one of most expensive ever. The total cost of hosting was estimated at $11 billion, making it one of most expensive sporting events ever.

This is more than twice as much as any previous tournament and twice as much as initially projected in 2007 when Qatar won its bid to host in 2022.

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It’s also much more than what Russia paid to host in 2018. That figure is closer to $8 billion. Even so, a number of experts have said that they believe Qatar has overpaid for its stadium construction costs by building lavish facilities.

In addition, there are concerns about whether or not these stadiums will be able to handle high temperatures during matches. Many experts think these factors could result in higher costs for fans and visitors who attend games in 2022 than those who attended games in Brazil last year.

On top of all that, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have both called for their countries to boycott 2022 because of Qatar’s ties with Iran. A Saudi Arabian official has claimed that Israel would play an active role in security at World Cup games.

If a boycott were to occur, many nations might pull out altogether instead of travelling all the way to Qatar. All told, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to hold off on booking your flight tickets until after 2022 rolls around.


Qatar World Cup: Construction materials used in each stadium

Migrant workers in Qatar have used approximately 42,000 tonnes of aluminium for Al Bayt Stadium (120,000 seats), 30,000 tonnes of steel for Lusail Stadium (45,000 seats) and 40,000 tonnes of steel for Al Wakrah Stadium (40,000 seats).

The high cost of these materials is cited as one reason behind worker deaths. Construction companies working on World Cup projects routinely employ labourers from South Asia to work in dangerous conditions; according to a report by the international campaign group Building and Wood Workers’ International at least 1,200 migrant workers have died since construction on Qatar’s infrastructure projects began.

Since 2006 more than 900 Indian migrants have died while working on projects linked to football’s biggest tournament.


Each stadium’s design features and architectural features

Qatar’s Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) have revealed new images of each of Qatar’s 11 ‘supremely innovative’ World Cup stadiums, which are set to be built by 2019.

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Located in four clusters across a 30-kilometre stretch between Doha and Al Khor, all venues are scheduled to be completed by 2017. Qatar was awarded hosting rights for football’s biggest tournament in December 2010.


Facts about the various stadiums

Qatar has already started construction on all of its proposed stadiums. All of them will be located in Doha, with Al-Bayt Stadium scheduled to open in 2017 and Qatar SC Stadium in 2020.

The latter venue should also be completed by 2019. Additionally, Al Wakrah Stadium is set to begin construction later this year with an expected opening date of December 2019.

The project is expected to take three years from start to finish, and it’s slated for completion by 2021—in time for it to play a role during regional events planned for 2022. Zayed Sports City Stadium and Doha Port Stadium are both expected to complete construction by September 2018. Finally, Al Rayyan Stadium is slated to wrap up construction by March 2019.

The first stadium that was constructed for hosting matches at the 2022 World Cup was Lusail Iconic Stadium. It’s located about 25 miles north of Doha and cost $45 billion to build.

It’s going to have capacity for 86,000 spectators (although FIFA requires a minimum capacity of 40,000). Its design features solar panels on its roof which will provide power for part of its operations while also helping keep temperatures inside more comfortable than they would otherwise be under Qatari sun. The stadium’s exterior walls are covered in LED screens which can display images or video footage.


Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Iconic Stadium Getty image
Lusail Iconic Stadium Getty image

Location: Lusail

Capacity: 80,000.

The centerpiece, the main stage, the headlining acts, and the beating heart of the entire event all come together here. The final game of the World Cup in 2022 will take place at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

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Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium by getty image
Al Bayt Stadium by getty image


Location:  Al-Khor

Capacity: 60,000


November of 2022 is when everything will get under way at the Al Bayt Stadium. This location will play host to the tournament’s opening match, which will be followed by an undoubtedly glamorous opening ceremony.

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium by getty image
Ras Abu Aboud Stadium by getty image

Location: Doha

Capacity : 40,000.

The redesign of this stadium will include the utilization of many shipping containers as well as other reusable components. The stadium is only going to ever be used for a total of six different competitive games before it is completely dismantled and put to use in other endeavours.


Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium by Getty image
Al Thumama Stadium by Getty image


Location: Doha

Capacity: 40,000.

The structure of the stadium was designed to resemble a gahfiya, which is a type of traditional woven headdress common among men in the Middle East.


The Stadium at Education City

The Stadium at Education City
The Stadium at Education City by Getty image


Location: Al-Rayyan (City)

Capacity: 45 350

Following the conclusion of the competition, 20,000 seats will be removed and given to developing countries in the hope that they will use them in the construction of impressive football arenas.


Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium
Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

Location: Al-Rayyan

CApacity: 44,740

A number of sand dune-shaped structures will be incorporated into the surrounding facilities. These structures will be used to symbolize the desert landscape that surrounds the ground as well as Qatar itself.

Khalifa International Stadium

Qatar World Cup 2022 Khalifa International Stadium
Qatar World Cup 2022 Khalifa International Stadium by Getty image

Location: Al-Rayyan (City)

Capacity: 40,000.

Since it first broke ground in 1975, the Khalifa International Stadium has been the subject of numerous renovations, despite the fact that it is considered to be a relatively old stadium.


Qatar World Cup 2022: Al Janoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium
Al Janoub Stadium

Location: Al-Wakrah

Capacity: 40,000.

It is telling that a stadium with such a futuristic appearance as this one can only host a single knockout match, and that match is only the round of 16 tie between two teams.


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