Precautions Measures To Defeat Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Precautions Measures To Defeat Covid-19 Coronavirus. The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic begun as something we all observed from afar while it unfolded in Wuhan, China. In the minds of many of us, it would remain an isolated situation that would soon be over. But gradually, it spread to cruise ships, and people returning from their holidays or official travels brought the illness back to their various countries with them.

In no time, it became a cause for global alarm with countries being placed on lockdown, while major sporting activities and corporate events have been put on hold . And just like that, Ghana recorded six cases of the disease — from an initial two — as at the time of publishing this article.

It’s understandable that people would overreact and panic. But while their fears may be genuine, that is not the way. The COVID-19 coronavirus, while potent, can be defeated by common personal hygiene practices.

Ways of defeating COVID-19 coronavirus at bay

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap

This is the commonest and easiest thing to practice. At every opportunity you get, right after coming in contact with doorknobs, tables, and any surface that has been handled by multiple persons — do well to wash your hands to keep them clean and free from the virus.

  • Avoid handshakes and hugs

Yes, I know you want to show affection to your boys-boys, or demonstrate your respect to your uncle, but, this is not the time for that. In fact, keep your hands in your pockets and nod your head as a greeting when you have to.

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  • Avoid crowded places

Where two or more are gathered for whatever reason creates a perfect situation for mass contamination and infection. Do well to avoid crowded places such as markets and event centres. Also, maintain a good distance from people who have been to crowded places.

  • Use sanitary or improvised face masks

to keep your mouth and air passages protected. The illness attacks its victims’ lungs — leaving them with flu and (or) pneumonia. So what you need to do is prevent it from getting close to your nose and mouth, as these openings lead to your lungs.

  • Person wearing protective mask against transmissible infectious diseases

Surgical masks would be needed by health professionals so, learn to make improvised face masks by tying bandanas or scarves to serve that purpose for you. If you have turtleneck shirts and you’re comfortable with pulling up the neck to cover the lower half of your face then, you can use that as well. One thing you should remember to do is changing these improvised masks often. There’s no benefit to using an unwashed and unsterilized piece of cloth on your face in an attempt to stop a lung infection. It defeats the purpose.

  • Avoid picking your nose with unwashed hands

Remember your nose is a passage to your lungs? Great. Now if the virus doesn’t fly in there through some airborne means, you may end up doing it the service by picking your nose with dirty, and virus-contaminated fingers.

Whenever you feel an itch or tickle in your nose, use some tissue, or a clean, sterilized handkerchief to do the deed. Don’t hurt yourself, because the COVID-19 coronavirus would certainly not forgive you.

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  • Regular washing of clothes

 Soak them with detergent the moment you return home from town. Yes, you have to wash your clothing every single time you step out of the house in them. This is to prevent the virus and other germs from spreading all over your dwelling and infecting others you’re living with. Think of your beloved grandma, or elderly mom. Would you want to be the one whose carelessness gives her the illness? I don’t think so. Which is the reason why your clothes shouldn’t be the vector of this or any disease.

  • Take a bath whenever you return from town

For some people this is a regular practice so, it’s not out of place. Let’s face the truth… we’ve been advised to avoid touching our faces or rubbing the eyes. We don’t always remember to do that, so we inadvertently transfer germs from our hands to our face. The solution? Wash down the moment you get home or find yourself in a place where you can take a bath or shower.

  • Clean and disinfect your smartphone

Your phone is almost always in your hand. Your hand comes into contact with a lot of things during each given day. It makes sense to say that a smartphone in your hand carries more germs than you could imagine. Which is why you should always clean it with rubbing alcohol at the beginning and end of each day.

And also, don’t go touching other people’s phones. You don’t know where their devices have been and whether they’re even hygiene conscious enough to clean them. The COVID-19 coronavirus stays active on surfaces for hours long after the first contact has been made, which is why you should be careful what you touch.

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  • Mop and disinfect your floors and other surfaces

In the event of an outbreak, it makes sense to consider your apartment as you would a hospital. In order to keep it safe for yourself and others living in it, you’d do well to disinfect every available surface. From the floors, to the tables and chairs — nothing should be left to chance.

  • To conclude…

While these are scary times, obviously, there is no need to respond to the situation with panic and anxiety. The COVID-19 coronavirus can be defeated by practising hygiene and common sense. Stay away from crowded places, avoid handshakes and hugs, and simply keep your body and living surroundings clean and disinfected.

Also, remember that the virus can be transmitted by handling money, so, as much as you can, pay for services and accept payments via mobile money and other e-wallets. Stay safe and protected

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