PCG TV: Bringing the Word of God to Your Screen

PCG TV is proud to announce that they are now live with a test transmission from their studio located at 191 East Legon Road, Shiashi, Accra.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has just launched a new TV station, bringing the Word of God straight to your screen.

This marks a significant milestone in our mission to bring the message of the gospel to viewers across Ghana and beyond. They are thrilled to be able to share their programming with our audience and look forward to expanding their reach in the future.

What is PCG TV?

PCG TV is a new TV channel that is dedicated to spreading the message of the gospel to viewers across Ghana and beyond. The station offers a range of programming, including sermons, gospel music, and Bible study programs. PCG TV is a source of inspiration and hopes for those seeking spiritual guidance and a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.

How to Tune In

To tune into PCG TV, you will need a satellite dish and a decoder. The frequency is 11595, the polarization is vertical, and the symbol rate is 30000. If you have any trouble tuning in, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local TV service provider for assistance.

How to Download PCG TV App

You can get the App from Google Playstore.

What to Expect

On PCG TV, you can expect to be inspired, uplifted, and informed about the Christian faith. The station offers a range of programming, including sermons by prominent pastors, gospel music that will lift your spirit, and Bible study programs that will deepen your understanding of God’s Word.

Whether you are a seasoned Christian or just starting to explore your faith, there is something for everyone on PCG TV.

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In conclusion, PCG TV is a fantastic resource for Christians looking for spiritual nourishment and inspiration. So, grab your remote and tune in today!

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