Questions and Answers regarding E-Payslips (GOGPAYSLIP)

When you hear the term “payslip,” what comes to mind? In this article, we will discuss the primary reason for which we utilize payslips.

What is a payslip, according to the dictionary?

What exactly is an E-PaysA payslip is a piece of paper given to an employee at the end of each week or month, which states how much money he or she has earned and how much tax has been taken of a flip?

An E-Payslip is a monthly payslip that may be seen on a computer screen, mobile phone, or another internet-enabled device by the employees who have access to the internet.

Why were E-Payslips implemented?

E-Payslips were created to allow for easier, faster, and more accurate access to pay information. Employees benefit from e-payslips in a number of ways, including:

They are more secure than printed payslips as they are accessed via with a strict individual employee ID and password, which are known to only the staff.

They are more secure than printed payslips as they are accessed via with a strict individual employee ID and password, which are known to only the staff.

They can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Staff can access previous cumulated payslips.

E-Payslips help the C&AGD to meet its commitment to making workers payslips readily available, effectively serve GOG staff, and correct some of the logistics challenges faced with delivery of printed payslips around the country.

Does the content of the E-Payslip differ from my current printed payslip ?
The content of the E-Payslip is the same as the printed payslip.

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What does the E-Payslip look like ?

The layout of the E-Payslip is the same as your current paper payslip.

Will the E-Payslip affect my pay or pension ?

No, the E-Payslip is simply an alternative way that you receive notification of your pay. Your pay will still be transferred directly into your bank account or your existing method of payment. It does not in anyway affect the amount you receive as your pay or your pension.

How long will my E-Payslip be available to view ?

You will always be able to access your most recent payslip online, plus all previous E-Payslips.

Do I need to install any new software to access my E-Payslip ?

No. However, if you want to save your payslip on your computer or pen drive, then you will need a PDF reader to enable you to view your payslip. Most computers today have a PDF reader already installed.

When in the month will I be able to view my E-Payslip ?

E-Payslips will normally be available as soon as Salary reports are processed and loaded. You will receive formal notification that your E-Payslip is available to view via text on your registered mobile phone or via email.


Can I access my E-Payslip at home ?

Yes, you can access your E-Payslip from any computer by logging into with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when using shared computers, or computers in shared offices or public areas.

Can I print my E-Payslip ?

  • Yes, E-Payslips can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document when using a pdf viewer. Simply select the print icon in the pdf viewer, which will appear above your payslip. Your payslip will print on your default printer.
  • As with any confidential information, it is recommended that caution is exercised when using shared printers, or printers in shared offices or public areas. For now during the trial period the print function will be disabled.
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Can I view my E-Payslip on a Mac or PC or Mobile Phone ?

Yes, E-Payslips can be accessed via Macs, PCs, or any mobile phone that is connected to the internet.


How often can I view my E-Payslips ?

As often as you like.

My lender and/or bank requires a hard copy of my payslips, can I still receive paper payslips if required ?

Yes, you will still receive your paper payslip until further notice.


What happens if there is a fault with my computer? Will I still get paid ?

Yes. You will still get paid even if, due to technical problems, you can’t access your E-Payslip.


Will my E-Payslips be ‘backed up’ in case of serious technical problems ?

Yes. All E-Payslips, will be backed-up on a regular basis.

Are E-Payslips secure ?

E-Payslips will be accessed through the highly secure website

When accessing or printing E-Payslips using shared computers and printers, or computers and printers in shared offices or public spaces, prudence is advised, as with any confidential information.

If the system has been idle for more than 6 minutes, will log you out automatically.

You should, however, take the following security precautions:

If you must leave your office, log off or lock your computer if it is still signed on to

Don’t give out your password to anyone.

If you believe your security has been compromised, change your password.

What should I do if the information on my E-Payslips appears to be incorrect?

Please write an email through the feedback system on if you have any questions about your E-Payslip.

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Do I have to look at my E-Payslip in order to be paid?

No. Regardless of whether or not you have viewed your E-Payslip, you will be paid. All employees should, however, review their payslips on a regular basis to ensure that payments and deductions are right.

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