Win Big Cash from NLA Monday Special results Lotto

NLA Monday Special results or lotto is one of the most popular lottery games in Ghana, with over a million players per week. Monday special is a lottery event that takes place every Monday at 18:30 Africa/Accra Time.

The draw takes place at the same time every week. The Monday Special first aired on August 1, 2005, and has been running ever since.

Do you truly want to win a lot of money this year? If you are new to NLA Lotto or if you have never played before, I will reveal the most important trick to winning the NLA Monday Special game in this post.

What is NLA Monday Special

The Monday Special product was created to welcome back players who had been away during the weekend. In order to give the user a fresh start to a new week, this game is designed to do so. Monday Special is a fixed-odds game where players must choose at least one and no more than five numbers from a pool of 90 numbers to place a bet. All NLA point-of-sale machines throughout the country as well as the shortcode *890# on all networks are equipped to accommodate the game’s play. Every Monday, a drawing is done to pick five winning numbers at random from a pool of 1-90.

Today’s NLA Ghana Lotto Results are available here. In addition, the following issues are of interest:

What is National Lottery Authority (NLA)

The National Lottery Authority is a statutory body under the Ministry of Finance. As a government agency, the NLA organizes national raffles to give everyone a chance to win great prizes and make their life more enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. The NLA’s board consists of the chairperson, two government appointments, and the director general.

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How To Play NLA Monday Special

  1. Choose a game from: NLA Monday Special
  2. Choose the bet type: Direct 1, Direct 2, Direct 3, Direct 4, Direct 5 or Perm 2, Perm 3, Perm 4, Perm 5.
  3. Choose or not “Double Chance” option. This option doubles your chances and allows to cover both draw and machine numbers.
  4. The minimum bet can only be GHC0.50.
  5. Pick the numbers (according to the game you have chosen) from the field of 1 to 90 numbers.

How To stake NLA Monday Special on Phone

The mobile shortcode to use when staking the national lottery is *959#. You are allowed only to stake 5 numbers from 1 to 90. The National Lottery Authority works in six days of the week. Interestingly, each day had its name for the game

How To Stake Lotto Using Your Mobile Phone.

  1. Dial *959# on your mobile phone
  2. Select option 1 (current game)
  3. Select the type of lotto you want to stake: Either Direct, 2 Sure, 3 Direct, 4 Direct, 5 Direct, Perm 2, Perm 3, and Banker.
  4. Enter the number (s) you are predicting and make sure to separate them with space.
  5. Enter the amount you want to stake. (eg. GHS 1.00– GHS 100.00)
  6. Enter 1 to confirm your lotto
  7. You are done, as you will receive a mobile money prompt to confirm and approve the payment.


 What Is the Short Code For NLA?

Fortunately, thanks to rapid technological development, you may now participate in lotteries from virtually any location with the help of your smartphone. If you have the National Lottery Authority’s unique short USSD code, you can either play the usual 5/90 mobile games or Banker to Banker. *959# is the NLA’s shortcode.

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 The mobile shortcode can be used to play the lottery in Ghana from anywhere on your phone.

You can only play 5/90 with the NLA shortcode, which means you can only pick five numbers out of ninety (90).

How Do You Pay To Play The Lottery?

NLA will charge for the lotto when you dial the NLA shortcode to stake for your prediction number, and this money will be withdrawn from your mobile money wallet.

You may play lottery with MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash, or AirtelTigo Cash via your mobile phone.

Take a look at how to play the lottery on your phone in the video below as I walk you through the process.

The winning depends on the game you chose. Here is the table of bet type and multiplications:

Bet Type Numbers Matched Multiplier
Direct 1 1 x 40
Direct 2 2 x 240
Direct 3 3 x 2,100
Direct 4 4 x 6,000
Direct 5 5 x 44,000
Perm 2 2 x 240
Perm 3 3 x 2,100
Perm 4 4 x 6,000
Perm 5 5 x 44,000

Where to Claim Your Prize(s)

You can claim your cash prize instantly and in full after the draw date and before 14 days.

Prizes are redeemed at any NLA Partner Banks across the country which includes, GCB Bank, NIB, ZENITH, UNIBANK, ADB, UMB, BANK OF AFRICA, HFC and ACCESS Bank

 How to check NLA lotto results With Mobile Phones in Ghana.


The National Lottery Authority has made it simple for people who stake lotto in Ghana to check for their winning lotto results today, be it today national lotto result, Ghana lotto results in today, and the rest via mobile phone.

To check your lotto result for today, then kindly dial the shortcode — *959# and follow the procedure to check your winning lotto results today on your mobile phone.

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I believe you are looking for a simple method on how to play lotto in Ghana using the NLA shortcode, then here I come with the right post for you to play or stake lotto with your mobile phone and pay with Mobile money.

Though there’s not much content about NLA Ghana Lotto Results For Today, NLA App, NLA Prediction, NLA Monday Special Results, NLA USSD Code, NLA Monday Special results  — we hope to bring you more updates on that soon.

Today’s NLA Ghana Lotto Results are available here. In addition, the following issues are of interest:



NLA Contact in Ghana


Also, you can visit the NLA Ghana page here in case there are some queries you would like to put out to them.

If you have any problem, you can contact 590Mobile on these numbers or visit any NLA offices across Ghana.

  • +233 27 650 2070
  • +233 27 650 2071
  • WhatsApp: 0207566428
  • Email:


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