NLA Midweek Result - 1st September 2021 2023
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NLA Midweek Result – 1st September 2021

NLA Midweek Wednesday 1st September 2021

1st September 2021


Congratulations to all of the winners of today’s NLA Lotto game.

NLA Ghana Lotto Results For Today

For today’s NLA Ghana Lotto draw, the following results are available: Today’s NLA Ghana Lotto Results are available here. In addition, the following issues are of interest:

The National Lottery Authority is a statutory body under the Ministry of Finance. As a government agency, the NLA organizes national raffles to give everyone a chance to win great prizes and make their life more enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. The NLA’s board consists of the chairperson, two government appointments, and the director general.

How To Play NLA 5/90

  1. Choose a game from: Ghana Super 6, NLA Monday Special, NLA Lucky Tuesday, NLA Mid-Week, NLA Fortune Thursday, NLA Friday Bonanza, NLA National Weekly and NLA Daywa
  2. Choose the bet type: Direct 1, Direct 2, Direct 3, Direct 4, Direct 5 or Perm 2, Perm 3, Perm 4, Perm 5.
  3. Choose or not “Double Chance” option. This option doubles your chances and allows to cover both draw and machine numbers.
  4. The minimum bet can only be $0.15.
  5. Pick the numbers (according to the game you have chosen) from the field of 1 to 90 numbers.


The winning depends on the game you chose. Here is the table of bet type and multiplications:

Bet Type Numbers Matched Multiplier
Direct 1 1 x 40
Direct 2 2 x 240
Direct 3 3 x 2,100
Direct 4 4 x 6,000
Direct 5 5 x 44,000
Perm 2 2 x 240
Perm 3 3 x 2,100
Perm 4 4 x 6,000
Perm 5 5 x 44,000

Where to Claim Your Prize(s)

You can claim your cash prize instantly and in full after the draw date and before 14 days.

Prizes are redeemed at any NLA Partner Banks across the country which includes, GCB Bank, NIB, ZENITH, UNIBANK, ADB , UMB, BANK OF AFRICA, HFC and ACCESS Bank

After reading this informative article NLA Ghana Lotto Results for Today, we hope you found it useful. If you want to keep track of NLA Ghana Lotto pairs, as well as fortunate numbers, bookmark this useful website.