New Price of Multi TV Decoder in Ghana 2022 2023
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New Price of Multi TV Decoder in Ghana 2022

What is the price of Multi TV decoder in Ghana?


Multi TV is a Ghanaian free-to-air satellite broadcasting service.

In July 2009, it began broadcasting free satellite TV to Ghana and around 25 additional African countries, with the majority of these countries being in West Africa.


What is the price of Multi TV decoder in Ghana?

Currently, the price for a full set of Multi TV is GHC210 on the market and the price for a decoder only is GHC150. The full set consists of a decoder and dish.

TV Channels on Multi TV

  • Kool TV
  • Afrosini
  • GN TV
  • Joy Prime
  • Adom TV
  • Joy News
  • DW English
  • Fire TV (Ghana)
  • Rock TV (Ghana)
  • Sweet TV
  • OB TV
  • Pent TV
  • TVT
  • Aseda TV
  • Ghana TV
  • Pan African TV
  • Cross TV
  • TV3 (Ghana)
  • ZTV Ghana
  • Fire TV 2
  • Precious TV
  • Royal TV (Ghana)
  • Kessben TV
  • Angel TV (Ghana)
  • Elijah TV
  • TV Xyz
  • Rhema TV (Ghana)

Radio Channels on Multi TV

  • Joy 99.7 FM
  • Asempa 94.7 FM
  • Luv 99.5 FM
  • Adom 106.3 FM
  • Hitz 103.9 FM
  • Nhyira 104.5 FM
  • Peace 104.3 FM
  • Citi FM
  • Atlantis Radio
  • Kessben FM
  • Angel 96.1 FM
  • New Mercury 91.5 FM
  • Fox 97.9 FM
  • Radio Lomé
  • Radio Kara

How to add more Channels to Multi TV

Your decoder receives Multi-TV signals from the satellite Astra 2B at 28.2°E. The Multi-TV satellite does not carry every single channel available. The number of others is not insignificant. If you want to tune into extra channels, all you have to do is update your satellite receiver’s settings so it can decode the additional signals.


How can I install Multi TV channel in Ghana?

Detailed instructions on how to set up Multi TV Ghana are provided below.

  • First, find a good spot to place or mount your dish. The assembly shouldn’t be that complicated.
  • To set up the dish, just do as it says in the manual. Make sure you have the necessary dish accessories, including the circular dish plate, dish cap, stand, LNB, and LNB holder.
  • The instructions for using the dish will show you how to put it together. Connectors on the LNB should point down when it is attached to the arm. Put the LNB back in its holder.
  • When finished, place the stand with the four holes at the back in the location you choose. There are four holes in the support structure. When installing, try to avoid twisting or bending it.
  • If the bracket is not vertical, finding the satellite will be difficult.
  • Additionally, there should be nothing blocking its eastern orientation.

If everything has gone according to plan, you should fasten the nuts and screws so that the dish doesn’t blow around in the wind. But first, make it simpler to tweak for optimal signal detection.

Once you have a solid signal, then you can tighten it up.


How To Installation of a Multi-TV Dish

  • The next thing to do is mount your dish. To explain how:
  • Drill through the wall or window frame close to your bracket to create a hole for the cable.
  • Water must not be allowed to seep into the hole while you drill it. You can even do it at a slight slant.
  • Run the cable through the opening from the inside.
  • Snip off a small section and attach the F connection to the end that links to the receiver.
  • Directly connecting the dish to the receiver via coaxial cable is as easy as using the provided connectors.
  • Insert the cable into the receiver’s LNB input.
  • Turn on the radio and start up the system.


Multi TV decoder installation Complete Guide

Once the dish is in place, you may move on to setting up the Multi TV decoder or digital box. Follow these steps:

Step One

To access the menu, press the button labeled “Menu.”

• Press Menu.,

• On installation, press OK.,

• Select manual search and press OK.,

• Edit the frequency by pressing the green button on the remote.,

• Choose modify and press OK.,

• Enter the number 12522 and press OK.,

• Select polarization.,

• Press the right button to change to vertical and press OK.,

• Select symbol rate 27000.,

• Press on the blue button to save and exit,

• Press ok to start scanning.,

To begin the search, turn the dial down one channel. If you are finished, select OK to begin scanning and leave the page.


Step 2


With a powerful decoder box, the procedure will vary slightly. For help, see below:

  • To access the menu, press.
  • Please use the appropriate volume control.
  • Put in “0000” for the password.
  • press the “Manual Scan” button.
  • To tune into transponder Astra 3a/3b, press the red button on your remote.
  • Click the green plus sign to include the TP list.
  • You must input the number 12522 as the frequency.
  • Input 27000 into the Symbol Rate field.

To do this, you need to toggle the polarity to either v or h. When the trigger is pulled, the bars turn green.

You can initiate the scanning process by pressing the “OK” button.

After being scanned, you may leave.

How to get more channels on Multi TV


The Astra 2B satellite is the source of your decoder’s Multi-TV transmissions. Its coordinates are 28°2’E. However, keep in mind that Multi TV isn’t the only broadcaster sharing a satellite  using the same satellite.

That means you can expand the number of Multi TV channels you receive by adding a few extra settings to your satellite receiver so it can recognize new signals.


To get started, enter the details below for more channels:


• Multi-TV 12525 (30000) – 12525 (frequency) (Symbol Rate).,

When selecting from the aforementioned alternatives, you will have access to 23 TV and 13 radio channels.

A second option for obtaining additional channels without adding new frequencies is to rescan your MultiTVworld digital box.

Using the Multi-TV remote, go to the Menu option.

Click “Install” to begin the setup process.

Activate the satellite by clicking the “Install” button.

Then, you must select the OK button.

Here’s what you need to do: • Use the remote’s green button.

The rescan process will begin mechanically in your Digibox. When complete, you’ll be able to access other radio and TV stations, including UTV, on Multi TV.


How do I activate Multi HD TV?

Here are the steps you need to do to start using Multi HD TV:

• Dial *879#.,

Press 1 to begin your risk-free trial.

To enter your HD+ account number, go to menu choice 5.

Enter the first six digits of your HD+ number.

Please enter the final six digits:

You can verify your phone number by pressing 1.

To begin using your HD+ subscription, please press 1.

A confirmation number will be provided.

If all goes well, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows on Multi HD TV.

Multi-TV works in the same way that readily available satellite TV systems do. To properly tune in to the Multi TV transmissions, however, you need to input the satellite tracking settings and skew or track. The frequency for Multi TV is 12525.

You can obtain better reception from your satellite dish if you position it so that the east side faces the sky. Scanning your Digibox, or entering the correct frequency, will also yield more channels. You should be able to receive at least 140 TV channels and 30 radio stations after a successful installation.


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