National Service Scheme NSS Reposting (2023)
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National Service Scheme NSS Reposting


Is NSS reposting from the National Service Scheme legitimate? When the posting list is released, this is the question that the majority of NSS personnel ask. I’ll say it out loud: Yes, the National Service Scheme is real.

Due to some problems, I was transferred to a district that was far from my home, but I later received a special posting to my hometown. That has happened to some of us a couple of times, and I know many others who have been put through a similar experience.

How to do National Service Scheme NSS Reposting

Do you need to do the NSS reposting if you are a Ghanaian? Many newly posted NSS personnel use the NSS reposting procedure to change their posting location due to a medical urgent situation or other inconvenience. You can follow the instructions on this portal to perform NSS reposting without having to pay anyone anything.

The National Service Secretariate officials would like to strongly advise everyone against providing any paid services for NSS reposting because doing so is done at your own risk.

Following are NSS reposting steps:

  1. Be a posted NSS Personnel
  2. Reason for NSS reposting
  3. Write a letter that is very persuasive and explain why you require NSS reposting.
  4. If at all possible, request a cover letter from your employer.
  5. Add reports of any medical conditions if there are medical justifications.

Proceed to the NSS Regional Office and deliver your letter there after all. Alternately, for quick reposting, you can go to the NSS Headquarters in Accra close to the airport.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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