How do I register MTN mobile money in Ghana

MTN Mobile Money Ghana :Top Review Good or Bad?

 MTN Mobile Money is safe and secure electronic service that allows MTN Mobile Money wallet holder  to store money, send and receive money, make payments, and perform variety of other transactions all from their mobile phone.

It’s fast, simple, convenient, and affordable.

How can I start MTN mobile money business?

Here is How to register mobile money

  1. You must own a registered limited company or its equivalent.
  2. You must fill in and submit a form known as the Agent Recruitment Form.
  3. You must fill in and submit a form known as the Agent Account Handler Form.
  4. You must meet the minimum Merchant/Agent code of ethics requirements


How to register MTN mobile money

  1. You must own a registered limited MTN SIM
  2. You must fill in and submit a form
  3. You must meet the minimum requirements

Mobile money Code

Shortcode to Register Mobile Money. The main code of Mobile Money is *170#, but it is used with other codes depending on the particular transaction one is accessing at a particular time.

How To Request For The Details Or Statement Of Your  Mobile Money Account

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option “6”
  3. Select “4” for statement.
  4. Select “1” for statement request.
  5. Either you subscribe to monthly statements or you select “2” to request for the statement.

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