Moving Your Family to Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide 2023
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Moving Your Family to Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide


Moving Your Family to Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving your family to Canada can be an exciting adventure. In addition to helping your career, it’s a fun way to show your loved ones something new.

There are numerous positive aspects to relocating with your loved ones; however, the process of packing up your home and moving can be quite challenging.

However, if you are prepared and know what to do, you can move to Canada with your family quickly. Have you ever considered relocating to Canada with your loved ones?

Read this article to learn the most effective strategies for reaching your objective.

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Moving Your Family to Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’ve done our best to provide a thorough guide, but it’s possible that some of the details presented here won’t be up to date by the time new laws are enacted.

You should check the official Canada website for additional guidance prior to beginning the visa application process. Now let’s look at the various options for relocating your family to Canada.

(a) Sponsor a child in a Family Class

Anyone who meets the requirements for citizenship or permanent residency in Canada may apply for sponsorship under the family class.

After all, by going through this process, your family will be able to permanently join you in Canada. To apply for this visa, you must first jump through a few hoops.

Step 1: Find Out If You Qualify to Be Sponsored as a Member of a Canadian Family Class

The following qualifications are necessary for applicants to be considered.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have Citizenship or PR status
  • Be able to provide for the sponsored family member
  • Be able to show proof of not receiving social assistance

Step 2: Verify if your family member qualifies for Family Class Sponsorship.

You’ll need to choose eligible family members in addition to determining your own program eligibility. This means you get to pick who you want to spend your life with.

Step 3: Complete the Paperwork

Download the application materials from Canada’s federal government portal. The checklist, guide, and form are all part of this material.

Please read the guide and follow the instructions before beginning to fill out the forms. To ensure that your application is complete, use the document checklist.

A certificate of no criminal record and a medical clearance are standard requirements.

Step 4: Submit your application and payment for it.

After preparing the documents, you will have to submit them for processing. At this stage of the application process, you should pay the processing fees. Besides, you should handle other fees for biometrics and the right of permanent residence.

After submitting the forms and paying the fees to the visa application center, it will use a letter to notify your relatives of the need for biometrics capture. On top of that, it will provide a venue for the operation.

Your candidate(s) will have to book an appointment for the submission of their biometrics. At this stage of the operation, they will have to present the notification letter.

Step : Track Your Application

You can now view the standing of your application. Using the application portal, you can complete this procedure online.

Your sponsored family members can use this same service to view the status of their own applications.

The visa processing center will contact you with good news if your application is approved. That way, you’ll be ready for your loved one’s visit.

(b) Use a Temporary Residence Visa

In the event that you wish to relocate to Canada for a brief period, you may do so as a tourist.

Your time in the country can be extended after it has already begun. Even though you’re moving as a family, each member of your household will need to fill out their own application and include it in the same envelope.

In order to submit an individual visa application:-

Step 1: Get Started on Your Application

Everyone in your family needs to submit their own visa application. The first step is to see if they qualify for one of these licenses. In a fortunate turn of events, the official Government of Canada website allows anyone to verify their eligibility.

If you and your loved ones qualify, you can set up individual online accounts with the Canadian government. The next step is to fill in the blanks on the available forms after downloading and printing them..

Step 2: Obtain the Necessary Documents

Take note of the requirements for your application and gather them in advance. Marriage licenses, birth certificates, certificates of no criminal record, and bank statements attesting to one’s roots in Nigeria are all appropriate. The official Government of Canada website features a comprehensive guide and checklist to help you compile the necessary paperwork.

Step 3: Fill Out the Application and Submit Payment

Visit the Visa Application Centre and hand in your application (along with those of any other family members) in one consolidated envelope.

You and your loved ones can have your biometrics taken at the center if that becomes necessary.

Once the processing center has verified the eligibility of each applicant, it will notify them via message of their success.

How To extend your stay in Canada.

Prior to the expiration of your current visas, you and your family should apply for extensions.

The Canadian government will decide whether or not you can stay in the country after they receive your application. An inland officer will review your application and schedule an interview with you when you call to request an extension.

The officer will then determine if you meet the requirements for a long-term stay in Canada after this phase. If your stay is extended, the relevant authorities will provide you with a summary of the requirements you must meet.

If you don’t get a positive response, though, the authorities will tell you why they turned you down.

Extra Advice to Consider Before Relocating with Your Family to Canada

Be sure to check the Government of Canada website for up-to-date information on relocating your family to Canada before beginning the application process. Make sure you and your family members have all the necessary paperwork for your upcoming move, and that all the information you provide is accurate.

In addition, when printing your application, use white paper. Glossy stationery is recommended for the application process as well.

To immigrate to Canada as an individual, you’ll need about $15,500 CAD. Families with children will need between $25,000 and $30,000 Canadian Dollars per year, compared to $21,000 for a couple without kids. The costs associated with immigration are broken down in the table below.
Family sponsorship is likely to be the simplest path to Canadian immigration if you have a relative who is already a permanent resident or citizen of the country.
Multiple immigration programs in Canada make it possible for citizens and permanent residents to sponsor foreign-born relatives.

Factors That May Preclude Your Entry Into Canada

  • DUI (including DWI, DWAI, reckless driving, etc.)
  • theft.
  • drug trafficking.
  • drug possession.
  • weapons violations.
  • assault.
  • probation violations.
  • domestic violence.

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