List of Zimbabwe Universities & Higher Education

List of Zimbabwe Universities & Higher Education Outlook

Higher education and Zimbabwe universities are undergoing significant changes. The current situation is that higher education is going through a series of challenges due to a decline in economic growth, yet at the same time, student enrollments are increasing very rapidly due to increasing demand for tertiary education. Universities are critical to the development of Zimbabwe’s nation.

Zimbabwe Universities Overview

The main Zimbabwe universities offering higher education are universities, and technical and teacher training colleges. In summary there are nine publicly funded higher education institutions in Zimbabwe.

[expand title = “University of Zimbabwe”]

The University of Zimbabwe in Harare, is the oldest and largest university in Zimbabwe. It was founded through a special relationship with the University of London and it opened its doors to its first students in 1952. The University has gained a national reputation for its commitment to high quality learning, teaching and training, for its applied research and for its engagement with industry, business and its regional communities. The university is a people-focused institution with much pride in its staff, students, alumni, and the communities it serves.

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[expand title = “National University of Science and Technology”]

National University of Science and Technology is a university in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and was established in 1991. The university strives to be a world-class center of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

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[expand title = “Women’s University in Africa”]

The Women’s University in Africa is a private institution established in 2002 and granted a Charter by the Government of Zimbabwe in 2004. The University’s mission is to provide quality tuition, research and service to the community to empower students for leadership and developmental roles. It seeks to enhance women’s capacity through the provision of higher education, which enables them to fulfill political, social and leadership roles.

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[expand title = “Bindura University of Science Education”]

Bindura University of Science Education is a Zimbabwean university offering courses in science education, commerce and computer science. The university seeks to be a hub of knowledge and beacon of excellence in teaching, research and extension services. Bindura University of Science Education has four faculties: Agriculture and Environmental Science, Science, Science Education and Commerce. The faculties are comprised of 19 departments, offering a total of 58 programmes.

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[expand title = “Great Zimbabwe University”]

Great Zimbabwe University is an institution of higher learning in the city of Masvingo, Zimbabwe. While the Great Zimbabwe University grows into a fully-fledged institution of higher learning that will cover a full range of disciplines, it seeks to play a major role in the restoration and preservation of culture and in using culture as the basis upon which to build the future within the context of local and global imperatives. The University’s curriculum reflects those elements that promote African culture, reinforce the dignity and self-confidence of Africans, and underpin the national unity of Zimbabweans.

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[expand title = “Solusi University”]

Solusi University is a coeducational private university in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and was the first private institution of higher education in the country. The university is made up of five schools/colleges, offering 60 undergraduate majors and 10 graduate majors.,[3] the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Science & Technology, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education.

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[expand title = “Chinhoyi University of Technology”]

Chinhoyi University of Technology also known as CUT was established in  2001. Today, the university provides undergraduate courses in the fields of agriculture, engineering, and business sciences. Technical teacher education, and creative art and design, are offered through the university’s single institute, the Institute of Lifelong Learning. With nearly 3 000 students and an academic staff of 163, the university describes itself as ‘a small but highly selective institution’.

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[expand title = “Harare Institute of Technology”]

Harare Institute of Technology is a Zimbabwean university offering courses mainly in technology. Harare Institute of Technology is the hub of technology development and delivery of quality technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. HIT is Zimbabwe’s most energetic and responsive institute offering unparalleled educational opportunities for those seeking highest quality undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous professional development. It is at the forefront of growing Zimbabwe’s industrial base and natural resources.

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[expand title = “Catholic University of Zimbabwe”]

The Catholic University of Zimbabwe boasts of good lecturers in all faculties, good support staff, serene environment, a laboratory, and a library.Our potential students should expect real education, real practise and real human development. The Catholic University of Zimbabwe provides holistic education in a Christian environment in its teaching, research and service programs to all irrespective of religion, nationality or any other designation.

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[expand title = “Lupane State University”]

Lupane State University(LSU) was established in 2005 through an act of the Zimbabwe parliament. The university aims to advance the frontiers of research based knowledge and learning for the benefit of developing communities.  The university contributes to the advancement of society through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge through attracting the best academics, researchers and students in the region and the wider world.

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