KNUST Courses and Grades, Date of Accreditation

KNUST Courses Offered ( Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ) . Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is mastered in teaching or training students to become good leaders. The following are the formal list of Courses Offered Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Programme Date of Accreditation Duration
MSc. Accouniting and Finance 1st April, 2018 3 years
M.Sc. Geophysical Engineering 1st December, 2016 3 years
M.Phil/PhD Construction Management 31st December, 2013 5 years
M.Sc. Computer Science 1st September, 2014 5 years
M.Phil. Computer Science 1st September, 2014 5 years
M.Phil. Political Science 1st April, 2016 3 years
Doctor of Pharmacy 1st July, 2016 3 years
MPA Political Science 1st July, 2016 3 years
B.Sc. Dental Surgery 1st September, 2014 5 years
M.Phil in Architecture 1st September, 2014 5 year
B.Sc. Architecture 1st September, 2014 5years
Master of Architecture 1st September, 2014 5 years
M.Phil/PhD Building Technology 31st December, 2013 5 years
M.Sc./M.Phil/PhD Agronomy 1st September, 2013 5 years
M.Sc./M.Phil/PhD Crop Production 1st September, 2013 5 years
B.A. Social Work 1st September, 2014 5 years
M.Sc. Applied Statistics  1st July, 2015 3 years
B.A. Sociology 1st September, 2014 5 years
Diploma in Architectural Technology 15th September, 2015 3 years
Master of Laws (LLM) 15th September, 2015 3 years
B.A Economics 1st January, 2015 5 years
BSc. Emergency Nursing 1st April, 2015 5 years
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB CHB) 1st September, 2016 5 years
M.A Sociology 1st September, 2016 3 years
MSc. Crop Production 1st September, 2013 5 years
MSc. Economics 15t August, 2016 3 years
MSc. Health Informatics 23rd Novwember, 2015 3 years
MPhil Economics 1st January, 2015 5 years
MPhil Health Informatics 23rd Novwember, 2015 3 years
MPhil Sociology 1st September, 2016 3 years
PhD Economics 1st January, 2015 5 years
PhD Sociology 1st December, 2016 3 years


KNUST WAEC Grading System for Admission


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The purpose of this article is to empower students to make a conscientious effort that will ensure them a good WAEC score and increase their possibilities of continuing their education at the university level after high school.

Below for the KNUST WASSCE/SSCE grading system for 2021/2022 admission.


Under the new WAEC grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 Very Good, B3 Good, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit, D7 and D8 are interpreted as Pass, while F9 is Fail.

A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means Excellent, B3 is B (Very Good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (Credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail).

WAEC Grading System and Interpretation (by Percentage)

Grade Definition
A1 Excellent 75% – 100%
B2 Very good 70% – 74%
B3 Good 65%- 69%
C4 Credit 60% – 64%
C5 Credit 55% – 59%
C6 Credit 50% – 54%
D7 Pass 45% – 49%
E8 Pass 40% – 44%
F9 Failure 0% – 39%

WASSCE Grading System / Interception


WAEC Ghana Grading system

WAEC Grading and Interpretation in Percentage

Grade Definition Interpretation in Percentage
A1 Excellent 75 – 100
B2 Very Good 70 – 74
B3 Good 65 – 69
C4 Credit 60 – 64
C5 Credit 55 – 59
C6 Credit 50 – 54
D7 Pass 49 – 45
E8 Pass 40 – 44
F9 Fail 0 – 39
Also Read  KNUST Courses and Grades, Date of Accreditation

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