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Qatar World Cup: How To Unlock TV3 And Onua TV on Multi TV


Scramble TV3 Ghana and Onua TV can be viewed on Master, Quality, Strong, and Multi TV decoders by using the most recent version of the biss Keys or software.

The release of new biss key/patch software for all supported major decoders. This Multi TV, Master, Quality, and Strong decoder were unable to access TV3 and Onua TV in order to watch the FIFA World Cup.
Fortunately, I am now in possession of the new biss key. I want to provide my readers with the key to open TV3 and Onua TV so they can watch the Qatar World Cup from the comfort of their own homes. On your decoders, you can manually enter the biss keys that will launch TV3 and Onua TV.

How To Open TV3 and Onua TV for Qatar World Cup

Tune the to TV3 or Onua TV before you start the process

1. For strong 4922a and older;
==>. Dial 8282 or 8280 on the decoder
==> Then enter the following biss keys: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82

2. Key for SRT4950, 4950M & 4950H.
==>Press F1 8280
==>Go to slot number 86 (or the right slot showing TV3: 12525:27500:V)
then edit the key as per below:
No. 86
Prov ID”: 00 1F FF
Index: 1C
Key: 9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82.


If you find it difficult, please seek assistance from a Satellite installer. We will soon release an app that will allow you to watch the Qatar World Cup on your mobile device.

Thank you.

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