Education is said to be the key to success. To move from level to another is by passing your
examination.Exams results are important as they can open and close career options.Want to know how
to pass? Below tips will help you get ready and pass exams with flying colours

Prepare a study timetable
Making a study timetable really helps you to allocate time for each subject or course studied in
school.You should also bare in mind that more time should be given to difficult subjects,this to over
come the fear of that subject.Make sure you go according to your own prepared timetable and read
what you must read at the right time.

Avoid cramming for exams
Cramming for exams is usually an act of lazy students ,you might cram alright but will end up forgetting
everything after the exams or a times during the examination.The least distraction can make you loss
what the brain holds. This is because you didn’t study to remember but rather to cram for exams sake.
To be a successful student you should sit to study hard and avoid cramming as this act will lead you

Stay healthy
Through out your study process you are to eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink a lot of water n have
enough rest. As this keeps you fit and reduces stress. Having a good night sleep and a balance diet
makes you alert and active to enable you concentrate on your studies.

Study pass questions
Studying pass questions is very important. This is where most of the newly set exams questions are
coined from. Regular practice of past questions can make you perfect as the adage goes”practice
makes perfect “.This may enable you know how to go about with answering exams questions and
approaches you can apply to score higher marks.

Have self-confidence
You should have positive mind set towards examination,if you train hard the battle would be easy for
you. Harbouring fear towards examination can create a lost of problem during the course of you writing
the exams. You have to believe in your abilities tell yourself you can do it to overcome your fears.

Be time conscious

Most times you already aware of the duration of the exams you are going to undertake.Knowing this
you should give equal time to tackle each questions.To start, give yourself a little time to read and
understand the questions carefully before you attempt to answer. Don’t be in a haste to submit your
paper if time is not yet due. Use the spare time to glance through your work who knows the night be
some petty mistakes your didn’t notice while writing.

Make your paper easy to mark

Presentation of your work really counts a lot.So it’s advisable to to present your work in an orderly
manner, and also your writing should be bold and clear. Expression used should also be easy to
comprehend. This makes it simple for the examiner to mark your work.Bare in mind that proper
presentation of exams attract some marks.

All the tips stated if read and put to practice can help you pass your exams with less stress. Hope
you have learnt a lot on how to pass exams from my post. If you have benefited from this post
kindly share. Thank you.

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