Can’t Find KFC? Here’s How to find Nearby KFC

The fact that KFC nearby isn’t in your neighbourhood isn’t cause for alarm. There are a variety of other delectable options available that do not feature the Colonel’s secret formula, and they may even be closer than you think!

Can’t Find KFC? Here’s How to find Nearby KFC

Download Google Maps

Before you can track down any of your favorite fast food restaurants, you’ll need to download Google Maps. Once installed, open up your map and enter a search term like KFC in Chicago or Quiznos in Seattle. You can even do something like 10 nearest Quiznos locations near me if you just want a few choices. Once entered, Google will provide location data and driving directions for each result in varying levels of detail.

Activate GPS Settings

Before you know where to find nearby restaurants, first make sure your phone is set up for geolocation.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure that location services are activated. Next, open Google Maps and go to Settings > Location Settings and make sure that you’re allowing access to your location history while using Google Maps. Now you’re all set!

Open the GPS Search Bar

No matter which app you use, from Google Maps to Waze, we’re all familiar with that little search bar at the top of our phone’s home screen. Type in KFC nearest me, and GPS services will pinpoint your location and give you directions to nearby restaurants.

Enter ‘KFC’ and Hit ENTER

If you can’t find your nearest KFC, try searching for KFC and then selecting its location from a map. Since most restaurants have unique addresses, you may not get an exact match unless you enter KFC in your search bar.

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Click on ‘GPS Coordinates’ Section: Copy these coordinates
42.292055, -71.103682 (42°17’5.14N 71°6’35.23W) Now, visit kfc .com/store-locator and type your zip code in ‘zip code’ section Copy these coordinates: 42.292055, -71.103682 You should see a map with pin markers showing all nearby kfc restaurants now!

Paste into Google Maps

You can paste any Google Maps link into your browser and it will show you how to get there by walking, biking, or public transit. You can also enter an address directly and find out all available directions. Thank you.

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