How to Download Movies Free & Legally

How to Download Movies Free & Legally: Most users think downloading movies from the internet is restricted to paid subscriptions, P2P file sharing, or free. However, these methods can be dangerous to the average Internet user.

Here are some methods to download movies legally and for free. To begin, sign up for a free account at Yidio. After signing up, you’ll be able to access many other sites, including Yidio.

You can also use Kanopy, IMDb Freedive, and PopcornFlix.


If you are looking for a way to download movies for free, Yidio may be the right site for you. Yidio is a site that aggregates tons of different movie and TV show content and allows you to download it for free. Although much of the content is free, there are some exceptions.

In many cases, you will need to pay for some content, such as premium movies, which you may not find in free sources.

One such website is, which offers both free and paid content. Users can choose from various categories, such as romance, horror, animation, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, disaster, and more.

You can also view the rating of a movie by browsing its different genres. You can also filter the results based on genre and decade. There are also links to watch a movie that is rated by the IMDb website.

Visit Yidio website 


If you’re looking for a free streaming movie service, you’ve probably come across Kanopy. This Australian company was started in 2008 by a former Disney Channel employee.

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Initially, it sold DVDs to Western Australia’s libraries but soon switched to digital streaming. The company moved its headquarters from Western Australia to San Francisco, where it pitched libraries on the benefits of migrating to digital streaming services.

To download movies, all you need to do is sign up for a free account and register for Kanopy. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows, and other media.

You can view the content on your mobile device, as well as on your computer, and it’s legal. And as a bonus, you can borrow films, too, legally!

Visit Kanopy website

IMDb Freedive

How to use IMDb Freedive to download movies for free & legally? If you love to watch movies and want to download them legally and free, this is the site for you.

You can choose from an extensive library of films in a variety of languages. You can sort movies by release date, popularity, or IMDB score. Moreover, you can filter movies by genre to find the best ones.

To download movies and TV shows for free, you can visit the IMDb website and log in. However, you can skip this step if you are using an Amazon Fire TV device.

This service accepts logging in with an Amazon, Facebook, or Google account. You can also create a free IMDb account to log in.

The best part of this site is that you can browse the entire catalog on your mobile phone. The video quality is adequate, and you don’t have to worry about ripping DVDs.

Visit IMDb Freedive website


To download free movies, you should visit PopcornFlix. You can find thousands of movies and TV shows. Unlike most streaming services, this one offers free content.

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Screen Media Ventures owns Popcornflix. This independent distributor provides a wide range of films and TV shows for free to its subscribers. As a bonus, the service does not have annoying ads, and it does not require you to register.

You can download Popcornflix on your phone, iPad, or Android device.

It also works on the Kindle Fire and Apple TV. Downloading and watching movies with this service is legal. As long as you follow their guidelines, you won’t have any problems.

In fact, this site has become one of the most popular places to download movies for free. So, if you want to enjoy free movies, you’ve come to the right place!

Visit PopcornFlix Website

Internet Archive

If you haven’t yet heard about Internet Archive, then you are missing out on some great free movies and TV shows.

Among the many types of movies available, the site includes short films, cartoons, and even classic commercials that were filmed before we were born!

Movies on the Internet Archive are completely legal to watch and download, and you can view all sorts of files from there.

Just use the search bar at the top of the page to find the movies and TV shows you’re interested in.

Once you’ve registered, you can browse through the list of movies, and search by genre, year, or title. You can also sort them by topic, rating, and even mark favorite movies!

If you’re feeling generous, you can also leave a tip for the organization that has helped make the archive so successful!

While it doesn’t cost a dime, you’ll probably want to donate some money to support the site in order to make it even better!

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Visit Internet Archive website


To download movies on Hulu for free, go to the app settings and tap the Downloads tab. There, you can change the video quality to High. The Downloads tab also shows you how much storage space Hulu uses, which you should adjust to your needs. Alternatively, you can turn off Cellular Downloading if your data plan is too limited. By default, the setting is Off.

In order to download the media, you must first log in to your Hulu account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll find a Downloadable section in the global navigation bar.

You can then swipe through the Hulu library and tap the Download icon next to the episodes or movies you want to download. You can also download shows and movies by pressing the Download icon next to the Watch Movie button.


Visit Hulu website


Reelgood is a platform that aggregates the best streaming services, both free and paid, from over 300 different services into one convenient location.

If you haven’t heard of reelgood yet, you’re missing out on some amazing free movies and TV shows that you can stream online.

The website provides users with access to a wide variety of films, such as short films, animations, and even vintage commercials that were shot long before any of us were born.

You are free to watch and download any movie found in the Internet Archive, and you can also use it to access and view a wide variety of other file types.

Visit Reelgood website

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