How to check dollar to cedi exchange rate in Ghana 2023
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How to check dollar to cedi exchange rate in Ghana


How to check dollar to cedi exchange rate in Ghana: Keeping track of the dollar-to-cedi exchange rate is essential if you plan to visit Ghana or engage in trade or business with Ghanaians.

In this case, the exchange rate is the value of the US dollar compared to the Ghanaian cedi.

Knowing the current exchange rate is beneficial if you want to accurately estimate the cost of goods and services and stay out of the hands of dishonest businesses.

In this piece, we will examine a variety of methods that can be used to check the current exchange rate of the dollar to the cedi in Ghana.

How to check dollar to cedi exchange rate in Ghana

You can view the current dollar to cedi exchange rate on this page.check dollar to cedi

How Much is Dollar to Cedi

The official exchange rate for the Ghana cedi to the dollar is GH 11.10 per USD $1. However, foreign currency exchange rates are unstable, necessitating frequent monitoring for changes.

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Today’s official Bank of Ghana exchange rate is 11.00 Ghana Cedis to 1 US Dollar. On the black market, you can expect to pay between GH 12.60 and GH 13.80 per dollar.

How to Determine the Dollar-to-Cedi Exchange Rate: In Ghana, there are multiple ways to determine the dollar to cedi exchange rate.

Here are some methods to consider

Check Online

The closing exchange rate for the day’s transactions is published on the website of the Bank of Ghana. This rate is the weighted exchange rate.

You can go online and check what the current exchange rate is by looking at the website.

Inquire with the Nearby Financial Institutions

The majority of banks either post the most recent exchange rate on their websites or make it easily accessible to customers at their physical locations.

You are welcome to inquire about the current rate of exchange at any branch of a Ghanaian bank that you visit.


Verify the Exchange Rate with Various Bureaus

Foreign exchange bureaus are businesses that specialize in buying and selling different types of currencies.

They can be found all over Ghana and provide a convenient venue for determining the current value of one cedi to one dollar.

You can get the current exchange rate by going to any foreign exchange bureau, and the teller there will give it to you.

However, in order to get a better idea of the rate that is being offered on the market, it is essential to check the rate with a variety of different forex bureaus.


Verify using mobile apps

Information is now easier to access from anywhere in the world thanks to mobile apps.

A number of mobile apps provide current exchange rates for various currencies, including the dollar and cedi.

These apps are free to download, and you can use them at any time to check the exchange rate.


It is absolutely necessary for anyone doing business in Ghana or traveling there to be aware of the current dollar cedi exchange rate.

There are many different channels through which one can obtain information regarding the current exchange rate.

These channels include the internet, local banks, foreign exchange bureaus, mobile apps, and live HTML updates.

It is in your best interest to verify the exchange rate with a number of different sources so that you can avoid being taken advantage of and obtain a more accurate picture of the rate that is currently being offered on the market.

You can protect yourself from being taken advantage of financially by making sure you are always up to date on the current exchange rate.

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