How To Change Your NSS Posting (2023)
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How To Change Your NSS Posting


How To Change Your NSS Posting. Do you find it difficult to change your current NSS place of posting?

However, if there is a company that is willing to hire, that is the simplest way to get your post reposted.

If there is, get a letter of assurance from the company (that includes your NSS number) and bring it to the secretariat office, or just follow this to get some assistance from us.

Below are instructions on how to do NSS Reposting. Are you a graduate who needs to do NSS reposting?

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an organisation that provides voluntary services to the community.

Recently, many NSS volunteers have been adopting the procedure of reposting due to a change in posting location for medical reasons or for other inconveniences.

This portal will guide you on how to do National Service Scheme reposting without paying a dime to any person.

Can I Change My NSS Place Of Posting

Below are the steps on how to change your NSS posting

1. Be a posted NSS personnel

2. Think about why you need NSS reposting.

3. Write a very convincing letter stating the reason why you need NSS reposting.

4. If possible, seek a cover letter from your current HR

5. If for medical reasons, make sure to add reports of medical conditions.

6. Proceed to the Regional Office of the NSS

7. Be alert to give an oral explanation of your ordeal when the need be

After all, you should deliver your letter to the NSS Regional Office where it was originally addressed. You could also go to the NSS Headquarters in Accra, which is located relatively close to the airport. This would allow you to quickly repost.

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