How to Apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant 2022

How to Apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant. What to do and How to successfully apply.

Instructions for Applying for a Grant from the SASSA Child Support Program What to do and how to effectively apply for the position.

What exactly is a Child Support Grant?

The child support grant is intended to provide financial assistance to low-income families so that they can better provide for their children’s fundamental requirements.

The award is not designed to replace other sources of income; rather, its purpose is to help close the gap caused by differences in the cost of living.

Who may submit an application for the grant?

In order to be eligible for a grant, you will need to meet the following requirements if you are the primary caregiver of a kid, such as a parent, grandmother, or anybody else who is primarily responsible for looking after the child.

You must either be a citizen of South Africa or have permanent residency there.

If you are a single person, your annual income should not exceed R48 000 (or R4 000 per month). If you and your spouse both work full-time jobs, your annual income shouldn’t be more than R96 000. (R8 000 a month).

If you are not the child’s biological parent, you will be required to present evidence that you are the primary caretaker for the child. You have the option of using an affidavit provided by a law enforcement officer or the child’s biological parent, a report provided by a social worker, or a letter from the child’s school principal.

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To be eligible, the child must meet all of the following criteria:

  • they must be under the age of 18
  • not be in the care of a state institution
  • live with the primary caregiver.
  • It is required that both you and the child make your home in South Africa.
  • The award cannot be obtained for any more than six children who are neither your biological offspring or children whom you have legally adopted.
  • A mother and her baby


You are not eligible for a grant if any of the following apply to you: you are getting paid to care for the child, you are not the child’s primary caregiver, another person is currently receiving a grant for the child, or you represent an institution that cares for the child.

The stipend is only available to those individuals whose current financial status falls below a specific threshold. A means test is what’s used to determine whether or not someone is eligible for assistance.

What is the total amount of the grant? The monthly amount of the child support award is now R440 per kid. However, this amount is subject to change on an annual basis. How does one go about submitting an application?

In order to submit an application for the child support grant, you will need to fill out an application form at the Office or counter service point of a Regional Office that is closest to you.

The application process does not cost anything.


The filling out of your application form will take place in the presence of a SASSA officer. You will be sent a receipt after your application has been processed in its entirety. You are required to save the receipt as proof that your application was submitted.

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