How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions Like ABC!

Multiple choice questions are often designed with the purpose to confuse a student to test their confidence and skills. The only way to solve multiple-choice questions as precisely as possible is to have a through the preparation of the subject. Follow these simple steps to score high in your exam.

Read the question carefully

Take time to read the questions carefully, avoid reading questions too fast and choosing answers.Develop a good reading habits to help you understand the question before choosing an alternative

Think about it for a couple seconds

This point cannot be stressed enough. Get this straight: do not spend more than required amount of time on a particular question. The time to be spent on a question should be decided on the number of questions to be answered. So quickly think about the questions for the question for the second time.

See if the answer you thought in your head is one of the choices.

Although MCQs have a simple format, there are many variations and you should keep all of them in mind. Some are simple – they just have one right answer among the choices. Others however, are not so simple. If not, eliminate the choices and make an answer.

Last resort is an educated guess with the answers you didn’t eliminate.

 The choices are only there as a last resort, in order to at least attempt the questions and not have to leave them blank, when you have completely tried and still didn’t get the answer. They are not as there for smart guess work to be done just to finish fast or test your luck.

Make sure to check your answer if you have time left over.

Take time to glance through all your work and see if all your answers are suitable for the questions. If you still have more time correct all mistakes and wait for the invigilator to announce for time over.

While some of the above tips may seem simple and obvious, the amount of students who still do not follow them are a large number and they only end up regretting later. And we hope this article has opened your eyes to how exactly the mindset should be before attempting an MCQ paper.

All the best for your next MCQ test and we hope this helps you in improving your performance.

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