How To Access CUT Student Portal

How To Access CUT Student Portal

In the digital age, accessing student portals has become an essential part of a student’s academic journey. The Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) in Zimbabwe recognizes the importance of providing its students with a user-friendly and efficient online platform.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to access and utilize the CUT student portal effectively. Whether you are a prospective student or a current one, this guide will help you navigate through the portal’s features and functionalities.

Benefits of the CUT Student Portal

The CUT student portal serves as a central hub for all academic activities and resources. It offers numerous benefits to students, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience throughout their educational journey. Some of the key benefits of using the CUT student portal include:

  1. Financial Services: The portal provides access to financial services, allowing students to make payments, check fee balances, and track their financial transactions.
  2. Learning Management Systems: Students can submit assignments, access course materials such as articles, lectures, and videos, and interact with instructors through the learning management system integrated into the portal.
  3. Collaborative Projects: The portal facilitates collaboration among students, enabling them to work together on projects, share resources, and communicate effectively.
  4. Personal Profile Management: Students can update their personal information, view their academic progress, and track their achievements through their student profile on the portal.
  5. Information and Content Hub: The CUT student portal provides a single point of access to all necessary information, including academic calendars, course details, special events, contact information, and academic resources.
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Who Can Use the CUT Student Portal?

The CUT student portal is designed to cater to the needs of various categories of students. Whether you are a prospective, first-year, or continuing student, the portal offers valuable tools and resources to enhance your academic experience. The following categories of students can benefit from using the CUT student portal:

  1. Prospective Students: Prospective students can use the portal to explore the available courses, access admission information, and check their admission status.
  2. First-Year Students: First-year students can utilize the portal to register for courses, access orientation materials, and familiarize themselves with campus facilities and resources.
  3. Continuing/Returning Students: Continuing students can log in to the portal to access course materials, check their semester results, make fee payments, and stay updated on campus events and news.

Accessing the CUT Student Portal

To access the CUT student portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).
  2. Visit the official Chinhoyi University of Technology website at
  3. On the homepage, navigate to the student section or click on the “Student Portal” link.
  4. You will be redirected to the CUT student portal login page.
  5. Enter your User ID, which is your student number, and your password, which is initially set as your National ID. If you have changed your password, use the updated one.
  6. Once you have entered your login credentials, click on the “Login” button.
  7. You will now have access to your personalized student dashboard, where you can explore various features and services offered by the portal.
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Recovering a Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry. Follow these steps to recover it:

  1. On the CUT student portal login page, click on the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. You will be redirected to a password recovery page.
  3. Provide your username or email address associated with your student account.
  4. If the provided information matches the records in the database, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password and regain access to your student account.

Important Links and Contact Information

Here are some important links and contact information related to the CUT student portal:


The CUT student portal is an indispensable tool for students at the Chinhoyi University of Technology in Zimbabwe. It provides a centralized platform for accessing academic resources, managing personal profiles, and staying updated on campus news and events. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily access the portal and leverage its features to enhance your educational experience. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the CUT student portal as you navigate your academic journey at the Chinhoyi University of Technology.


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