Nurses Salary In Ghana
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Nurses Salary In Ghana

In Ghana, a nurse can expect to make between GHS 1,700.00 and GHS 3,800.00 per month. Higher-ranking nurses receive some extra payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

One of the most esteemed and respected professions in the world is nursing. These professionals command a great deal of respect from the patients they serve.

This is due to the fact that the nature of their work places them in a position to provide patients with care that has the potential to either save or alter their lives.

It is widely recognized as one of the career paths that offers stable job opportunities and favorable prospects for continued career advancement in the profession.

Who qualifies for nursing in Ghana?

In Ghana, what are the requirements to become a nurse? To be eligible for the position of nurse in Ghana, a person must be between the ages of 18 and 35 when they apply.

Students who have results from the WASSCE should have an aggregate score of at least 30 in six subjects, including three subjects that are considered core and three subjects that are considered elective.

A potential student should have at least eight credits (A1-E8) in three core and three elective subjects.

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Nurses Salary in Ghana

Monthly Salary Of Certificate Nurses In Ghana

The salary of Certificate nurses is GHS 1,700.00 monthly.

Monthly Salary Of Diploma Nurses In Ghana

The salary of Diploma nurses is GHS 2400.00 to GHS 2500.00 monthly.

Monthly Salary Of Degree Nurses In Ghana

The salary of Degree holders is GHS 2,700.00 to GHS 2,800 per month.

Registered nurses’ salaries in Ghana are based on their level of education, be it a certificate, diploma or degree holder.

On average, registered nurses in Ghana earn between GHS21,000.00 and GHS28,800 a year.

However, these are only after-tax deductions. Normally, this nurse’s salary in Ghana should be great for monthly survival, but the high cost of living and utilities has forced many nurses to take up a second job.

Globally, nurses work almost round the clock because there are always patients in hospitals. In Ghana, nurses work just fifteen to eighteen hours a day.


This is probably because of their need to balance their pay with other jobs. What this means is that the salaries of nurses who have studied for diplomas and bachelor’s degree levels should be increased.

The salary structure of nurses in Ghana will be reviewed in 2022 and the current salary structure has not been made public yet.

How much do nurses pay per month in Ghana?

Ghanaian nurses in the lower grade earn between GHC1,200 and GHC2,000 per month. Senior Ghanaian nurses earn between GHC2,200 and GHC2,5000 per month.

Professors earn the most, and their salaries are expected to be far above GHC96,000 per annum. It is worth of note that nurses are paid depending on the institutions.

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Working as a nurse in Ghana can be a rewarding career, especially if you have great communication skills.

A degree in nursing can allow you to explore working in various environments with different people based on your interests or area of specialization.

Certificate programs typically last 2 years. It takes 3 years to complete a diploma program in nursing or midwifery in Ghana.

Bachelor’s degree applicants should prepare to clock in about 4 years of training in a recognized institution.

What is the highest paid job in Ghana?

The certified registered nurse anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest-paid nursing career. That is because nurse anesthetists are advanced and highly skilled registered nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

How much is a diploma nurse paid in Ghana?


A diploma nurse in Ghana GHS typically receives GHS1600 to GHS1800 monthly. A diploma nurse in Ghana is a nurse who has completed three training courses in any nursing college and has passed license exams.

How much is a degree in Ghana?


A Degree Nurse in Ghana typically receives GHS1500 to GHS2,100 monthly. A Degree Nurse in Ghana is a nurse who has completed four training courses at any university and has passed license exams. Degree nurses wear white uniforms while degree nurses wear green uniforms.

How much is a certificate Salary in Ghana?

A certificate nurse in Ghana is paid GHS1200 to GHS1400 monthly. The certificate nurse is a two-year certificate course. They wear brown uniforms. They are mostly found in the community weighing and giving polio immunizations. Some certificate nurses also work in the wards. They are usually found at the public health unit.

Who is a registered nurse?

A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province, or similar government-authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license.

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An RN’s scope of practice is determined by legislation and is regulated by a professional body or coucil.

What kind of nurse is paid the most?

The certified registered nurse anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest-paid nursing career.

That is because nurse anesthetists are advanced and highly skilled registered nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

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