How To Find Your HD+ Number And Password

How To Find Your HD plus Number and password.  You will be required to purchase an HD+ Decoder and activate your HD+ number in order to take advantage of The FeeliFeeli Experience. Please get in touch with me via WhatsApp if you need assistance with the installation.

Your HD+ number is either printed on a slip of paper that is contained within the box that the HD+ Decoder comes in or it is printed on the underside of the packaging box.

HD Plus decoder number and password

To be able to use HD plus on your phone, you will need to obtain the HD plus number as well as the HD plus password.

To get the number press the the HD+ button on the remote and then select “my HD plus APP to view your HD+ number.

Simply following these steps will allow you to access your HD Plus decoder number as well as your password. Press the HD+ button on the bottom of the remote control to access the product information menu. Then go to My HD Plus to access the password.

Once more, that’s HD plus decoder number and the password.

HD Plus number and password on Samsung QLED/UHD TV

On the Samsung QLED/UHD TV, go to the settings menu, and then select the product information option to see your HD+ number. You ought to make a note of this number in a location from which it is simple to retrieve or recall it.

You can reach me on WhatsApp at 0540704454 if you need any assistance in addition to the fact that I am a trained HD plus installer.

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