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HD+ Decoder New Monthly subscription And Packages


Welcome to our blog post on HD+ decoder prices and monthly subscriptions. With the HD+ high-definition television service, you can watch your preferred shows in gorgeous HD quality.

We’ll break down the costs of purchasing an HD+ decoder and subscribing to HD+ in this post. We’ll go over HD+’s features and advantages as well as assist you in determining whether the cost is justified.

This post will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice, whether you’re a cord-cutter looking for a cable replacement or just looking to improve your TV viewing experience. So let’s dive in and discover HD+’s world!

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How much is HD+ monthly subscription?

There are four different subscription options: GHS12 for a week, GHS35 for a month, GHS80 for three months, and a GHS290 annual package. All broadcasters are welcome to join HD+, and it looks forward to working with more broadcasters who want to deliver their content in high definition.

Is HD+ decoder free?

To enjoy “The FeeliFeeli Experience,” all that is needed is a new HD+ Decoder. A two-month free subscription period can be unlocked with a single activation using the USSD short code *879#. After the trial period, you can subscribe via the HD+ USSD code and pay just GHS35.00 per month to enjoy the HD+ FeeliFeeli experience.

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How many channels are on HD+ decoder?

The HD+ Decoder can receive over 100 additional SD channels in addition to the roughly 20 HD channels.

How much is HD+ decoder in Ghana?

Without installation, this decoder costs between GHS 170 and GHS 177. Installation costs GHS 40 to GHS 70. The installation of this decoder has benefits.

Where to buy HD+ Decoder

You can get an HD+ decoder from any Satellite shop across the country or order it online via Jumia on HD+ official Page. Remember if you buy it from Jumia Ghana and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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