Google Adds More Insights to its ‘All In’ Marketing Accessibility Resource


Google has expanded its ‘All In’ marketing toolkit to include more insights on accessible marketing, in order to help ensure that advertisers consider accessibility within their outreach initiatives.

Google All In

As explained by Google:

“People are exposed to around two million ads per year, but many say they don’t see themselves or their community accurately represented in them. Everybody deserves to feel a sense of belonging. As marketers, it’s our job to make sure the stories we tell are fully inclusive. This also means making our marketing accessible so that all disabled people, 15% of the global population, can fully access and engage with our content, products and experiences.

Google’s All In mini-site includes a range of helpful tips and notes on how to maximize inclusion in your marketing approach, across various categories.

Google All In

Each segment provides an overview of the key accessibility considerations for that audience, which have been developed in partnership with disability inclusion experts and influential industry organizations.

Google All In

Google has now also partnered with more organizations and groups to include even more perspectives and insights, and help ensure that marketers are across the key considerations.

It’s a good resource, with a range of valuable, practical tips to help improve accessibility in your campaigns, which could play a key role in maximizing reach and community.

Worth considering within your strategic planning – you can check out Google’s ‘All In’ mini-site here.

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