Ghana Zip Code – What are the Ghana Zip Codes and Postal Codes?

Ghana Postal Codes – What are Ghana Postal Codes? it matters to citizens. The topic of what is Ghana’s zip code or postal code has been raised many times. These are common inquiries while filling out online forms. That’s when they’re asked for their zip or postal codes. Be it Accra, Kumasi, or any other city.

Many Ghanaians are unaware of their country’s zip code (Ghana Zip Code) or postal code. In this post, I’ll provide fact-checked responses to a question that many people find difficult to answer.

If you do a lot of business online, you’ve probably come across zip codes while filling out forms. Most online store outlets, regardless of where you are in Ghana, such as Ho, Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani, or Tamale, may need you to input a postal district in order for delivery to be confirmed. This is how critical this piece of information is when you need a service or product supplied. In case you are wondering what the proper Ghanaian zip code is, don’t worry. Here’s everything you need to know about 2021.

How important is ZIP code?

A zip code is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, which is a created method for facilitating postal transportation from one area to another. The five and/or nine coded numbers that follow after the address digits make up the unique identification. The initial codes, which are five digits long and indicate the postal zone as well as the state, are referred to as the postal zone and state codes. The final four numbers are the expanded codes. They designate the rural route area, building, or particular address to which the mail will be delivered.

Postal codes were endorsed in Ghana on October 18, 2017, following the launch of the National Digital Address System. The Digital Address System assigned postal codes and unique addresses to every square in Ghana, thanks to a collaboration between Ghana Post (with support from the Ghanaian government) and Vokacom Ltd as GhanaPost GPS. There are two components to each postal code: the postcode district and the postcode area.

Let’s concentrate on resolving the misunderstanding of many Ghanaians in my top 5 fact-checks now that we know what these words imply.

1. What is the difference between zip, post, and postal codes?

It makes no difference whether you name them zip codes, post codes, or postal codes; they all relate to the same thing. The only variation is how they are referred to in various parts of the globe. Some nations, such as the United States, call them zip codes, while others prefer postal or postcodes.

2. What is the Ghanaian postal code?

00233, 23321, or 233+ are the most well-known zip numbers in Ghana, but what is the real Ghana zip code? Ghana zip codes, also known as postal codes, are a kind of code that is used to deliver mail, gifts, and other items throughout the country. Because Ghana lacks official postal codes, using the ones listed above is not prohibited ( it simply just not approved).
In Ghana, we have the GhanaPost GPS app, which should provide you your present position as well as your Ghana Zip Code or Ghana Postal Code. Every Ghanaian who downloads and installs the software on their smartphone gets a basic addressing system.

3. What is a Ghana zip code that isn’t?

Note that 233 is neither a Ghana zip code or a Ghana postal code; rather, it is a Ghana International Calling Code that is exclusively used in Ghana. If you’re wondering what to use while filling out an online form or buying online, the best choice is to download the GhanaPostGPS app.

4. How can you get the zip code for your Ghanaian location?

Because Ghana does not have official postal codes, we utilize the GhanaPost GPS app to start the National Digital Addressing System, which generates acceptable zip codes for a specific place, such as our house or business.
The software generates a unique 5-5 addressing scheme that applies to every area in the country. This one-of-a-kind number is encouraged to be used by citizens.
To do so, visit this website and download the app, or utilize the browser version of the app if you don’t want to download the app.

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5. How can you have your goods delivered to you using your zip code?

To have a parcel delivered to you, you must be extremely precise by providing the name of the location as well as a well-known landmark in addition to the zip codes provided by the app. Keep in mind that these numbers may seem to be the same, which may cause some misunderstanding. With a clear landmark to back it up, however, such errors are entirely eliminated.

In any event, if you’re filling out a form and it asks for your zip code or postal code, you should be certain. The Ghana Postal Code will not be sufficient to deliver the item to you. If you don’t know your home location, you’ll need to provide your zone name as well as significant landmarks.
If you’ve ever been perplexed when prompted to enter your zip code or postal code on a purchasing website (e-commerce) or when filling out an online form, this article will teach you all you need to know about Ghana zip codes.

List of Ghana Zip Code

Region Postcode district Postcode district name Coverage
Ashanti Region AA Asante Akim South District Juaso
Ashanti Region AB Bekwai Municipal District Bekwai
Ashanti Region AC Asante Akim Central Municipal District Konongo
Ashanti Region AD Kwabre East District Mamponteng
Ashanti Region AE Ejisu Juaben Municipal District Ejisu
Ashanti Region AF Afigya Kwabre District Kodie
Ashanti Region AG Atwima Kwanwoma District Atwima Foase
Ashanti Region AH Atwima Nwabiagya District Nkawie
Ashanti Region AI Atwima Mponua District Nyinahin
Ashanti Region AJ Ejura Sekyedumase Municipal District Ejura
Ashanti Region AK Kumasi Metropolitan District Kumasi
Ashanti Region AM Mampong Municipal District Mampong
Ashanti Region AN Asante Akim North District Agogo
Ashanti Region AO Obuasi Municipal District Obuasi
Ashanti Region AP Sekyere Afram Plains District Drobonso
Ashanti Region AQ Sekyere Central District
Ashanti Region AR Sekyere East District Effiduase
Ashanti Region AS Asokore Mampong Municipal District
Ashanti Region AT Bosomtwe District Kuntanase
Ashanti Region AU Kumawu District Kumawu
Ashanti Region AV Amansie Central District Jacobu
Ashanti Region AW Amansie West District Manso Nkwanta
Ashanti Region AX Ahafo Ano North District Tepa
Ashanti Region AY Ahafo Ano South District Mankranso
Ashanti Region AZ Sekyere South District Agona
Ashanti Region A2 Adansi North District Fomena
Ashanti Region A3 Adansi South District New Edubiase
Ashanti Region A4, A9 Bosome Freho District Asiwa
Ashanti Region A6 Offinso North District Akomadan
Ashanti Region A7 Offinso South Municipal District New Offinso
Brong Ahafo Region BA Atebubu-Amantin District Atebubu
Brong Ahafo Region BB Berekum Municipal District Berekum
Brong Ahafo Region BC Banda District Banda Ahenkro
Brong Ahafo Region BD Dormaa Municipal District Dormaa-Ahenkro
Brong Ahafo Region BE Dormaa East District Wamfie
Brong Ahafo Region BF Dormaa West District Nkrankwanta
Brong Ahafo Region BG Sene East District Kajaji
Brong Ahafo Region BH Sene West District Kwame Danso
Brong Ahafo Region BI Jaman South District Drobo
Brong Ahafo Region BJ Jaman North District Sampa
Brong Ahafo Region BK Kintampo North Municipal District Kintampo
Brong Ahafo Region BL Kintampo South District Jema
Brong Ahafo Region BN Nkoranza North District Busunya
Brong Ahafo Region BO Nkoranza South Municipal District Nkoranza
Brong Ahafo Region BP Pru District Yeji
Brong Ahafo Region BQ Asutifi North District Kenyasi
Brong Ahafo Region BR Asutifi South District Hwidiem
Brong Ahafo Region BS Sunyani Municipal District Sunyani
Brong Ahafo Region BT Techiman Municipal District Techiman
Brong Ahafo Region BU Asunafo North Municipal District Goaso
Brong Ahafo Region BV Asunafo South District Kukuom
Brong Ahafo Region BW Wenchi Municipal District Wenchi
Brong Ahafo Region BX Techiman North District Tuobodom
Brong Ahafo Region BY Sunyan West District Odomase
Brong Ahafo Region BZ Tain District Nsawkaw
Brong Ahafo Region B2 Tano North District Duayaw-Nkwanta
Brong Ahafo Region B3 Tano South District Bechem
Central Region CA Abura Asebu Kwamankese District Dunkwa
Central Region CB Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District Breman Asikuma
Central Region CC Cape Coast Metropolitan District Cape Coast
Central Region CE Effutu Municipal District Winneba
Central Region CF Ekumfi District Essarkyir
Central Region CG Gomoa East District Afransi
Central Region CH Twifo Heman Lower Denkyira District Heman
Central Region CI Gomoa West District Apam
Central Region CJ Ajumako Enyan Esiam District Ajumako
Central Region CK Komenda Edina Eguafo Municipal District Elmina
Central Region CM Mfantseman Municipal District Saltpond
Central Region CO Agona West Municipal District Swedru
Central Region CP Agona East District Nsaba
Central Region CR Assin North Municipal District Assin Fosu
Central Region CS Assin South District Nsuaem-Kyekyewere
Central Region CT Twifo-Ati Morkwa District Twifo Praso
Central Region CU Upper Denkyira East Municipal District Dunkwa-on-Offin
Central Region CV Upper Denkyira West District Diaso
Central Region CW Awutu Senya District Awutu Breku
Central Region CX Awutu Senya East Municipal District Kasoa
Eastern Region EA Asuogyaman District Atimpoku
Eastern Region EB Birim Central Municipal District Akim Oda
Eastern Region ED Denkyembour District Akwatia
Eastern Region EE East Akim Municipal District Kibi
Eastern Region EF Fanteakwa District Begoro
Eastern Region EG Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal District Nsawam
Eastern Region EH Kwahu East District Abetifi
Eastern Region EI Kwahu South District Mpreaso
Eastern Region EJ Kwahu West Municipal District Nkawkaw
Eastern Region EK Kwaebibirem District Kade
Eastern Region EL Lower Manya Krobo Municipal District Odumase
Eastern Region EM Akyemansa District Ofoase
Eastern Region EN New Juaben Municipal District Koforidua
Eastern Region EO Ayensuano District Coaltar
Eastern Region EP Kwahu Afram Plains North District Donkorkrom
Eastern Region EQ Kwahu Afram Plains South District Tease
Eastern Region ES Suhum Municipal District Suhum
Eastern Region ET Atiwa District Kwabeng
Eastern Region EU Upper Manya Krobo District Asesewa
Eastern Region EV Upper West Akim District Adeiso
Eastern Region EW West Akim Municipal District Asamankese
Eastern Region EX Birim North District New Abirim
Eastern Region EY Yilo Krobo Municipal District Somanya
Eastern Region EZ Birim South District Akim Swedru
Eastern Region E2 Akuapem North Municipal District Akropong
Eastern Region E3 Akuapem South District Aburi
Greater Accra Region GA Accra Metropolitan District North Ridge – GA015 – GA017, GA028 – GA031, GA052 – GA054, GA076, GA080
West Ridge – GA050, GA051, GA077, GA107
Gold Coast City – GA078, GA079, GA110, GA111
Osu – GA032, GA035, GA055, GA056, GA081, GA082, GA112 – GA115, GA146 – 148
Victoriaborg – GA143 – GA145, GA184 – GA186
Asylum Down – GA027, GA028, GA048, GA049, GA073
Adabraka – GA050, GA074 – GA076, GA100 – GA103
Tudu – GA105, GA106, GA141, GA142
Greater Accra Region GB Ashaiman Municipal District Ashaiman, Tema communities 21 and 22
Greater Accra Region GC Ga Central Municipal District Sowutuom
Greater Accra Region GD Adentan Municipal District Adenta
Greater Accra Region GE Ga East Municipal District Abokobi
Greater Accra Region GK Kpone Katamanso District Kpone, Oyibi, Tema communities 24 and 25
Greater Accra Region GL La Dade Kotopon Municipal District La, Labadi, Cantonments, Burma Camp, Airport City
Greater Accra Region GM La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal District Madina
Greater Accra Region GN Ningo Prampram District Prampram
Greater Accra Region GO Shai Osudoku District Dodowa
Greater Accra Region GS Ga South Municipal District Weija
Greater Accra Region GT Tema Metropolitan District Tema communities 1 – 20, 23
Greater Accra Region GW Ga West Municipal District Amasaman
Greater Accra Region GX Ada West District Sege
Greater Accra Region GZ Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal District TeshieNungua, Baatsona
Northern Region NA Kpandai District Kpandai
Northern Region NB Bole District Bole, Bamboi, Maluwe, Tinga, Tasilma, Mandari, Banda/Nkwanta
Northern Region NC Chereponi District Chereponi
Northern Region ND West Mamprusi District Walewale
Northern Region NE East Mamprusi District Gambaga
Northern Region NF Tatale Sanguli District Tatale
Northern Region NG Gushegu District Gushegu
Northern Region NI Mion District Sang
Northern Region NK Kumbugu District Kumbugu
Northern Region NL Tolon District Tolon
Northern Region NM Mamprugu Moaduri District Yagaba
Northern Region NN Nanumba North District Bimbilla
Northern Region NO Nanumba South District Wulensi
Northern Region NP Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District Bunkpurugu
Northern Region NR Karaga District Karaga
Northern Region NS Sagnerigu District Sagnerigu
Northern Region NT Tamale Metropolitan District Tamale
Northern Region NU Savelugu Nanton Municipal District Savelugu
Northern Region NW Sawla Tuna Kalba District Sawla
Northern Region NX Saboba District Saboba
Northern Region NY Yendi Municipal District Yendi
Northern Region NZ Zabzugu District Zabzugu
Northern Region N2 North Gonja District Daboya
Northern Region N3 Central Gonja District Buipe
Northern Region N4 East Gonja District Salaga
Northern Region N5 West Gonja District Damongo
Upper East Region UA Bawku Municipal District Bawku
Upper East Region UB Bolgatanga Municipal District Bolgatanga Municipal District
Upper East Region UE Bolgatanga East District Bolgatanga East District
Upper East Region UG Garu Tempane District Garu
Upper East Region UK Kassena Nankana Municipal District Navrongo
Upper East Region UL Kassena Nankana West District Paga
Upper East Region UN Nabdam District Nangodi
Upper East Region UO Bongo District Bongo
Upper East Region UP Pusiga District Pusiga
Upper East Region UR Builsa North District Sandema
Upper East Region US Builsa South District Fumbisi
Upper East Region UT Talensi District Tongo
Upper East Region UU Binduri District Binduri
Upper East Region UW Bawku West District Zebilla
Upper West Region XD Daffiama Bussie Issa District Issa
Upper West Region XJ Jirapa District Jirapa
Upper West Region XK Lambussi Karni District Lambussi
Upper West Region XL Lawra District Lawra
Upper West Region XN Nandom District Nandom
Upper West Region XO Nadowli Kaleo District Nadowli
Upper West Region XS Sissala East District Tumu
Upper West Region XT Sissala West District Gwollu
Upper West Region XW Wa Municipal District Wa
Upper West Region XX Wa East District Funsi
Upper West Region XY Wa West District Wechiau
Volta Region VA Adaklu District Adaklu Waya
Volta Region VB Biakoye District Nkonya
Volta Region VC Hohoe Municipal District Hohoe
Volta Region VD North Dayi Municipal District Anfoega
Volta Region VE South Dayi District Kpeve
Volta Region VF Afadzato South District Ve Golokwati
Volta Region VG Agotime Ziope District Kpetoe
Volta Region VH Ho Municipal District Ho
Volta Region VI Ho West District Dzolokpuita
Volta Region VJ Jasikan District Jasikan
Volta Region VK Keta Municipal District Keta
Volta Region VM Kadjebi District Kadjebi
Volta Region VN Nkwanta North District Kpassa
Volta Region VO Nkwanta South District Nkwanta
Volta Region VP Kpando Municipal District Kpando
Volta Region VQ Krachi Nchumuru District Chindiri
Volta Region VR Krachi East District Dambai
Volta Region VS Krachi West District Kete Krachi
Volta Region VT North Tongu District Battor Dugame
Volta Region VU South Tongu District Sogakope
Volta Region VV Central Tongu District Adidome
Volta Region VW Akatsi North District Ave Dakpa
Volta Region VX Akatsi South District Akatsi
Volta Region VY Ketu North District Dzodze
Volta Region VZ Ketu South Municipal District Denu
Western Region WA Aowin District Enchi
Western Region WB Bibiani/Anhwiaso/Bekwai District Bibiani
Western Region WC Bia East District Adabokrom
Western Region WD Bia West District Essam
Western Region WE Ellembelle District Nkroful
Western Region WF Sefwi Akontombra District Akontombra
Western Region WG Sefwi Wiawso Municipal District Wiawso
Western Region WH Ahanta West District Agona Ahanta
Western Region WJ Jomoro District Half Assini
Western Region WM Mpohor District Mpohor
Western Region WN Nzema East Municipal District Axim
Western Region WO Bodi District Bodi
Western Region WP Prestea Huni Valley District Prestea
Western Region WQ Juaboso District Juaboso
Western Region WR Shama District Shama
Western Region WS Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan District Sekondi-Takoradi
Western Region WT Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal District Tarkwa
Western Region WU Suaman District Dadieso
Western Region WW Amenfi Central District Manso Amenfi
Western Region WX Amenfi East District Wassa-Akropong
Western Region WY Amenfi West District Asankrangwa
Western Region WZ Wassa East District Daboase

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