How To Get GHC2000 From Fido Loan in Ghana 2023
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How To Get GHC2000 From Fido Loan in Ghana


Steps to Get your free GHC2000 From Fido Loan in Ghana. The Bank of Ghana has granted a license to the financial organization known as Fido Micro Credit (FIDO), which has its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The company’s name for its convenient and speedy short-term loans is FIDO Loans.

Our customers are able to submit an application for a FIDO Loan straight from their own mobile device, and they will receive an immediate decision regarding their credit.

To help artists, micro-entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized firms expand their operations, the loan is offered. Prior to the disbursement of the money, a single verification check of the user’s identification and mobile money account is required. No collateral or guarantors are required.

How To Get GHC2000 From Fido Loan in Ghana

  1. Download the FREE FIDO APP on the Google Play store
  2. Apply by filling the loan application in the APP2
  3. Receive your money instantly
  4. Repay on time and get a higher amount for your next loan*4
Trick: Get the 1st loan up to 200 GHS, pay on time to move up the ladder up to 1000 GHS

Frequently Asked Questions


Is FIDO authorized to provide loans in Ghana?

Yes. FIDO is licensed by the Bank of Ghana to provide loans.

What are the fees to use Fido?

 There are NO UPFRONT FEES for using the FIDO mobile app or applying for a FIDO Loan. We charge a processing fee which will be disclosed to the customer prior to accepting a loan and is paid only after you get your money when your loan is due for repayment.

What can I use the FIDO Loan for?

 Customers can use the loans to grow their small businesses.  Loans should not be used for illegal activities

What are the eligibility requirements?

To qualify for a FIDO Loan, you need a valid ID and Mobile Money.

You must be a resident in Ghana over 18 years of age.

How much is the interest rate?

The interest rates for new customers start at 14% for 30 days, the interest amount is displayed in the app before applying.
Returning customers have a good history of paying their loans with Fido on time and get a better interest rate on future loans, the lowest interest rate is 8% for 30 days.

How long does it take to approve my request?

Within one minute after submission, a credit decision will be shown on the screen.

FIDO app evaluates each loan application and reserves the right to reject some applications. The decision cannot be reversed and we can only recommend you apply again after 2 weeks.

My request was approved. What do I have to do next?

 Please read carefully the instructions displayed in the app when the loan has been approved. The instructions will either inform you to approve the loan agreement within the app to complete the process or visit a branch for processing.
Please see the Contact section for opening hours and directions to our branch.

Where and when will my FIDO Loan be paid?

 After fully completing the process, the loan is paid out instantly. We will notify you by SMS of the transfer.

How will I repay the FIDO Loan?

When the loan becomes due, you will have to transfer the money from your wallet following the procedure below.

To pay with cash, you can visit any Zenith bank branch and deposit it into FIDO’s account. Remember to always use your Client ID for payment.

Cash – Zenith bank AirtelTigo Money MTN Mobile Money
Bank: Zenith Bank
Branch: Head Office
Account Name:
FIDO Money Lending Ltd
Account Number: 6010159660Be sure to write your full name on the deposit slip also give your Client ID (*********) to the teller
(Must be from own wallet)
Dial: *501#
Select: Pay Bill
Select: Savings and Loans
Select: Loans and Loan Repayment
Select: Loan Repayment
Select: Repay Fido Loan
Enter Amount:
Enter Reference: *********
Enter Pin Code: _ _ _ _
(Must be from own wallet)
Dial: *170#
Select: MoMoPay & Pay Bill
Select: Pay Bill
Select: General Payment
Enter Payment Code: Fido
Enter Amount:
Enter Reference:
Enter Pin Code: _ _ _ _


What will happen if I can’t repay the FIDO Loan on time?

 Please contact us with any issues related to the repayment of your FIDO Loan. Customers will be charged additional penalties for late repayments.
Fido reserves the right to take any legal action to recover outstanding debts and report delinquent borrowers to the appropriate agencies and/or authorities.

 What is the min/max loan amount?

First time borrowers are eligible for a maximum of 200 GHC to be paid within 10 to 33 days. The loan term must be selected in the app when applying.

Paying your loan on time can get you a higher amount and reduced interest as you climb the ladder up to a maximum of 1000 GHS.

How can I borrow money from FIDO?

You can get FIDO for free by downloading the app here. You can submit your application by filling out the loan application within the app. You will get your money very quickly. If you make your payments on time, you may be eligible for a larger loan amount on your subsequent borrowing.

What is the short code for FIDO loans?

You can apply for a FIDO loan by dialing the USSD shortcut code *711*666#. If you want to successfully repay your FIDO loan, follow these instructions, regardless of which service provider you use—MTN, AirtelTigo, or Vodafone.

What happens if I don’t pay my FIDO loan on time?

In the event that you are late with a payment, not only will you be assessed a late payment fee, but your services may also be terminated.

Does Fido give instant loan?

For a successful instant loan request. All that is required of you is a mobile money account in your name that has been active for at least two months.

Who is eligible for Fido loan?

What are the prerequisites for getting a loan from Fido? You are required to be a Ghanaian resident. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this activity. You need to ensure that you have a functional mobile money wallet that is registered in your name.

Why is FIDO not giving me a loan?

Your application for a loan will be denied if the name that appears on the document you provide does not coincide with the name that is registered on the momo wallet you provide. 4. Avoid logging into the Fido app on more than one device at a time. After having an application rejected, a person might feel tempted to submit it again using a different phone.

How much can I borrow from Fido on the second time?

Please be aware that Fido only provides new customers with access to its short-term loan options, which begin at GHS 200. And gradually goes up to a maximum of GHS 2500 for returning customers who continue to make timely payments on their loans. Individual requests to Fido for particular loan amounts are not reviewed by the company.

What is the interest rate on Fido loan?

FIDO loans typically come with interest rates of 14% for a period of 30 days. You’ll see it in the application before you submit your application. However, repeat customers who can demonstrate a strong track record of responsibly repaying their loans will be eligible for lower interest rates. However, the interest rate for FIDO loans starts at 8% per month for a term of 30 days.

How long can you go without paying a loan?

After a period of six months in which payments are not made, a lender will typically “charge off” your account (although some may do this sooner). Your credit report will reflect, as a “charge-off,” the lender’s admission that they will no longer make any further attempts to collect the debt from you.

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