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Linzi Martinez

Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer of the award-winning HHS Makeover TV Series

FB: Happy Healthy Stronger

IG: Linzimartinezofficial

The most important times in a person’s life are when we are brought into this world, and …when we find out why. It is at this pivotal point, in the discovery of YOUR ‘why’, that your entire life will profoundly change.

When you are living your purpose, you enter what I term “feeling ridiculously alive” on a regular basis. Everything flows, feels right, and you have a beautiful sensation of loving every moment.

We are all put on this planet for a reason, and that is to do something great. Whether it’s to be an amazing full-time mom, to make people laugh, a healer even… whatever it is, that special talent, that special greatness, is unique to all of us. And when we find and act upon it, it makes you feel completely fulfilled, absolutely beautiful in every way, and mostly ridiculously alive!

You cannot achieve this state of happiness unless you are healthy and strong… It is the one clear path to discovering your why. When you take care of yourself with nutrition and fitness, you develop a set a of character traits that trickle down into every other area of your life. It breeds discipline, confidence, an incredible sense of your true capabilities, and a loss of limiting boundaries and beliefs about yourself.

Once your boundaries are removed, your energy is peaked, your serotonin levels are skyrocketed, your sleep is better, and your love for yourself is at its absolute max, YOUR WHY WILL APPEAR! All of which you get EFFORTLESSLY from just taking care of the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD…YOU!

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Stop looking outside TO LOVE YOUR LIFE and start with the ultimate form of self-respect…self-care. From there life gets beautiful, paths get clear, and your why will simply appear. You deserve to be happy…really happy



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