Do Casual Workers Pay SSNIT in Ghana? 2023
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Do Casual Workers Pay SSNIT in Ghana?

If you’re a contract worker, a casual worker, or if you’re on probation, your employer must make contributions to your SSNIT account.

Who is a casual worker and temporary worker in Ghana?

In the end, I want to say that these two workers are very significant in a country like Ghana, where industrialization and fostering positive relations with other nations have become crucial for every country.

A casual worker is one who is engaged on a seasonal or intermittent job for less than six months and whose pay is calculated daily while a temporary worker is one who is employed for a continuous period of at least one month but is not a permanent worker or employed for a job that is seasonal in nature.

A temporary employee who works for the same employer continuously for six months and more.

Please be aware that, following SSNIT biometric registration, your SSNIT number should be generated and sent to you within 7 to 15 working days.

SSNIT Workers’ Salary In Ghana

The following is a pay scale for SSNIT employees in Ghana. An SSNIT employee in Ghana typically earns about 3000 GHS per month. The monthly salary includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. The journalist’s location, gender, experience, and skills all have an impact on their pay.

How many hours do SSNIT workers work?

An average full-time journalist works 40 hours per week. A journalist’s work is unpredictable and has no set hours. You should always be ready because the employer has the right to call you in for work at any time.

It is imperative to reiterate that journalists are paid in accordance with two factors. The previously mentioned standards form the foundation of the single spine salary structure, which was introduced a few years ago. Additionally, employees in the SSNIT who have more education are paid more than those who do not.


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