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The number of your credit card: Everything You Need to Know

Credit cards are widely accepted as a method of payment in Germany. It is likely that you will make frequent use of them if you are visiting or living in a city in Germany. You can actually find a variety of number combinations on your credit card or prepaid credit card, such as the following:

  • the number of the credit card


  • its expiration date


  • the Card Verification Value, also known as the Card Verification Code (CVV) (CVC)


  • a Personal Identification Number used for cash withdrawals at ATMs and purchases made in retail stores


Today, it is possible to discover the location of your credit card number, learn how to identify a fraudulent credit card number, and find out how to generate your own credit card number.

Where can you locate the credit card number, and what is it exactly?

The number on a credit card is either 12 or 16 digits long and is broken up into sections of 4. It is a part of your credit card that is used for identification purposes. Credit card numbers all have the same format because they are generated by the same system and are therefore all the same length. The type of credit card as well as the card’s issuing company can be determined from the credit card number. It has both the checking number and the bank account number written on it. The authenticity of credit card numbers is straightforward to establish because of the consistent format that they all follow. On the front of your credit card, you’ll find the number that corresponds to your credit card. The presentation of a credit card during the payment process in retail stores, businesses, or service providers causes a payment to be processed at these acceptance points. In this scenario, the payments are credited to the appropriate account associated with your credit card by using your credit card number. Because your credit card cannot be physically presented when you make a payment online, you will be required to provide your credit card number in order for your card to be identified. In addition to that, you are going to require the date that your credit card is going to expire as well as its CVV or CVC (security code).

Credit card numbers including the CVV for Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

Your credit card’s number is an essential part of the card, as it is the only way to determine who the card’s issuer is as well as who the card’s holder is. It is possible to determine who the issuer of your credit card is by looking at the first six digits. The following list provides the credit card numbers for some of the most widely used credit cards in Germany, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express (also known as Amex internationally), and JCB.

Credit card’s issuer VISA Mastercard
Credit card number 4513 2568 5876 0869 5191 7323 4397 5393
CVV or CVC 593 867
Expiration date 09/2022 04/2023
Name Lisa Mayer Hans Baum
Credit card’s issuer American Express JCB
Credit card number 3452 1284 6871 583 3529 6116 5534 1592
CVV or CVC 603 443
Expiration date 12/2022 04/2023
Name Stefan Martinez Mareike Collins

Why would you want to use a stolen credit card number?

It is helpful to have the ability to generate a fake credit card number for use in online tests on occasion. There are a lot of different companies that can provide you with this service. The Luhn algorithm, which is used to validate your credit card number, is successfully circumvented by the generators of fake credit card numbers, which create a specific combination of characters. However, you need to be aware that it is impossible to make a purchase with fake credit card numbers generated online because these numbers are not linked to a bank account and do not present a CVC code. Because of this limitation, you won’t be able to use them to make purchases online.

What exactly is meant by the term “virtual credit card numbers”?

When making purchases online, you have the option of using one of several different virtual credit card numbers, which some credit card companies, such as bunq, make available to their customers. The ideal scenario is one in which you have already applied for a bank account and a credit card, which will allow you to generate a virtual credit card number through your online account. You need only search for “virtual card number” or “virtual account number” to find what you’re looking for. Bunq gives its users the ability to possess up to 5 virtual cards completely free of charge. You are able to generate new virtual credit card numbers in the event that their information is stolen or if you have concerns about the safety of your online purchases. You will receive an entire credit card number from bunq, in addition to the CVV code that corresponds to it.

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Composition of credit card numbers, along with some examples

cdef ghiX ABCD EFab

Your credit card number is comprised of three different pieces of information: the Bank Identification Number (BIN), your account number, and a checking number:

  • The Financial Institution’s Unique Identifier 

The first four digits on a credit card can be used to identify the card’s issuing bank (A–D). When combined with the second character, the first character (which is an A) identifies the issuer’s industry, and when combined with the second character, the issuer’s company is recognized. Credit card numbers for MasterCard all start with the number 4, whereas credit card numbers for VISA range from 51 to 55.

The type of credit card is represented by the number 5 (E).

The number 6 (F) indicates whether the credit card in question is a business credit card, a second credit card, or the credit card of an additional cardholder.


  • The number of the account

Numbers 7 to 15 (a to I this combination of numbers identifies your bank account number and, depending on your credit institute, can have either 6 or 10 digits.


  • The numerical verification system

A checking number is represented by the number 16, or X. You are able to validate your credit card number by using the last digit of your credit card number through the use of the Luhn algorithm.

As you can see, the credit card number is not only necessary for making purchases online and for making payments while traveling; it also contains a great deal of important information that is used to verify the genuineness of a card and to affix it to the appropriate cardholder. Your credit card number is used to help prevent fraudulent use of credit cards.

Your credit card’s design

In accordance with the international standard (ISO/IEC 7810) for identity documents, credit cards are printed in the form of check cards. This indicates that the dimensions of the credit card are the same as those of your driver’s license, health insurance card, and debit card respectively. It is a format known as ID1 and its dimensions are 85.60 millimeters by 53.98 millimeters.

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The following information should be printed on the front of your credit card:

Credit card's front side

  • On the right side of the card, the credit card number is embossed in relief, and it protrudes out over the hologram.


  • Below the credit card number will be the first four digits of the BIN code written in lower case.


  • The month in which the card was issued, written in the format MM YY, can be found where it says “valid from.”


  • The expiration date of the card is printed in the format MM:YY and is accompanied by the phrase “until end.”


  • The full name of the credit cardholder, including their first and last names.


  • The emblematic representation of the credit card issuer. Visa Card and Mastercard are the credit card companies that are most frequently represented in the media.


  • On the security chip are the encrypted transaction authorization data that are needed to complete a transaction (EMV). Card readers perform a scan of the chip to retrieve this information after the customer has been authenticated in some way, such as by entering a personal identification number (PIN).


  • Credit card forgery is made significantly more difficult by security features that cannot be replicated, such as the hologram and security elements that are visible only under ultraviolet light.

Information should be printed at the back of your credit card:

Credit card's back side

  • The space for the signature: It is imperative that you sign your credit card as soon as it is delivered to you in order for it to be considered a legitimate credit card. Your protection against credit card fraud is enhanced by the fact that retailers will compare your signature with the signature that appears on the receipts of your purchases.
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  • The Card Verification Value, also known as CVV or CVC, or the Card Verification Code, is another name for the security code. Both the Mastercard CVC code and the Visa CVC code are made up of three or four digit combinations, and these codes are especially important when making purchases online. There is no impression of the CVC number on the card. Because it is printed on the back of your credit card, it is more difficult for machines to read than information printed on the front. When making a purchase online, you will be required to provide either your CVC or CVV code in order to demonstrate that you are in possession of the card.


  • On the magnetic strip is either the CVV or the CVC written down. During the payment process, the information is captured when you swipe your card through the card reader.


  • Depending on the type of credit card you have, the credit card issuer may provide you with additional information.


Hints and guidance regarding the safety of credit card transactions

  • As soon as you receive your credit card, make sure to sign it.


  • Take notes on your personal identification number (PIN). You should not write it down and you should never give your PIN out over the phone or via email. Your bank will never make you reveal your PIN to them.


  • When you pay with a credit card, double check that the amount that is printed on the receipt is accurate and that the merchant returns your card to you directly after processing the transaction.


  • Avoid writing down the card’s security number at any time.


  • You should never enter your credit card number or card verification number on any website that is not trustworthy. To avoid accidentally reading out this sensitive information, the vast majority of businesses make use of encrypted pages. These SSL-protected web pages can be identified by the address line, which will begin with https: / in most cases. Reputable online shops will also have well-known quality seals such as the TÜV certificate displayed on their websites for customers to see.


  • Check your bills regularly. You always have the option to recall incorrect billing and submit a chargeback request.


  • If you have any reason to suspect that your credit card has been misused, you should immediately block it. Make a list of all of the credit card numbers you have, including the number for your Deutsche Bank credit card, the number for your Commerzbank credit card, and any other numbers. You should also make a note of the telephone numbers of the service hotlines and keep them in a location where an unfamiliar person would have a difficult time locating them quickly. In the event that you ever need to block your card, you will always have all of your important data readily available.
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