Courses offered at Data Link University

Courses Offered at Data Link University. The Data Link University is mastered in teaching or training students to become good leaders. The following are the formal list of Courses Offered at Data Link University

Programme Date of Accreditation Duration
B.Sc. Business Education (Management Studies) 1st January 2018 3 years
B.Sc Information and Communication Technology Education 1st January 2018 3 years
B.Sc Computer Science Education 1st January 2018 3 years
B.Sc. Business Education (Accounting) 1st January 2018 3 years
B.Sc. Computer Science and Information Systems 1st September, 2016  
B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology 1st September, 2015  
B.Sc. Administration (Accounting) *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
B.Sc. Administration (Banking and Finance) *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
B.Sc. Administration (Marketing) 1st September, 2014  5 years
B.Sc. Administration (Human Resource Management) 1st September, 2014  5 years
HND Computer Science *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
M.Sc. Computer Science 1st October, 2016 3 years
B.Sc. Computer Science 1st October, 2016 3 years
HND Marketing *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
HND Accounting *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
HND Secretaryship and Management Studies *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
 LLM in International Criminal Law *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  
 LLM in International Commercial Law *Undergoing Reaccreditation*  

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