Coronavirus: If I’ve had it, can I get it again?

Many people wonder if they will get coronavirus for the second time ,this cause panic and stress on victims. However, COVID-19 is entirely a new strain in humans and our immune system does an impressive work to fight against viral infections.

There’s not been any evidence that anyone’s gotten it more than once. Someone with a normal immune system that can react to the virus and get better should have immunity for quite some time, at least a year, if not lifelong.

There have been reports out of China suggesting people are testing positive for COVID-19 a second time. Most scientists think it is an issue around the inaccuracy of the testing and not that people are having two separate cases of the disease.

Here’s the silver lining: memory cells ensure that if we encounter the same virus again, we can react immediately with pre-existing defences. Sars-Cov-2 is new to humanity so we have no protective immunological memory. Vaccines prepared using harmless parts of the virus can help us build protective memory.

Our secret weapon is research. Scientists are working hard on understanding COVID-19, and collaboration is key to this effort. But until a vaccine or treatment is available, we ought to work hard to protect ourselves and our families: isolate and prevent transmission by using physical distancing, face masks and sensible hygiene. If we all do our part, this little virus holding the world to ransom won’t stand a chance.